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Subject Selection

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Our Vision for Learning, Shine through Discovery – Let your light Shine (Matthew 5:16) inspires our faith and learning community to Challenge, Collaborate, Create and Celebrate who we are and what we seek to achieve. In the early years of high school, Newman College offers a broad curriculum where every student in Years 7 and 8 is encouraged to experience as many subject areas as possible. In this ever-changing society, we believe our students need the skills, experience, knowledge and confidence to become resilient learners who take risks. From Year 9 onwards, students are offered a wide degree of choice to give them the flexibility to pursue the pathway that best suits them.

Years 7 and 8

Students in Years 7 and 8 have the opportunity to experience eight electives on offer at the College and choose their preferred courses and electives from Year 9 upwards.

Year 8 into Year 9 Subject Selection

Whilst core subjects will continue to be studied throughout Years 9 and 10, students will be able to choose a range of additional courses from various learning areas such as STEM, The Arts, Outdoor Education, etc. This will give them the opportunity to broaden their experiences and follow areas in which they have a passion.

The process of choosing the right course is a personal one. Students are encouraged to be responsible and realistic when choosing their courses and are advised to select subjects that tap into their aspirations and interests, where they can utilise their enthusiasm and strengths to achieve their potential and become self-motivated, life-long learners.

Download 2025 Year 9 Electives Handbook

Year 9 into Year 10 Subject Selection

Year 10 offers a wide range of elective subject options from various learning areas including Technologies, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and Languages .
There are a range of Semester long courses to appeal to student interests and allow for variety, as well as year-long course offerings that may be more suited as the first steps in career pathways.
We encourage students to choose electives based on their personal talents and interests to allow for success and enjoyment throughout Year 10.

Download 2025 Year 10 Electives Handbook

Year 10 into Year 11 Subject Selection

In Year 10, students are given the opportunity to choose their own educational pathway for Years 11 and 12 which can be both exciting and challenging. Students can choose a purely academic program leading to university, or can choose to develop life skills by completing a more vocational pathway, or they can develop a program that has a mixture of both.

To enable students to make realistic and positive subject choices, we encourage them to:

  • reflect on your own strengths and the work you like to do. At the senior level of study it is important that you spend time enjoying your study because you perform best when you gain personal satisfaction from your study program.
  • talk with your parents and involve them in your planning. Ask them for their advice.
  • talk with your teachers as they have expertise in their field and know you as a student. They might provide you with suggestions about what subjects might best suit your personality and your abilities.
  • talk with others in the field that you are interested in pursuing. You might find that many different pathways have been taken to get them where they are now.

Click here to view a number of videos to assist students with choosing the right educational pathway.

Subject Selection

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