Music Rocks Showcase 2020

Today family and friends of the Education Support Center students joined together to enjoy the annual Music Rocks end of year concert, followed by a shared lunch.

The students certainly let their musical gifts and talents shine, performing a variety of songs and playing an array of instruments.

Music Rocks caters for people of all abilities, allowing students to learn music and perform with confidence.

Scasa endorsed Asdan Certificate winners:

  • Molly Bradshaw
  • Joshua Stone
  • William Barret-Lenard
  • Zac Payne
  • Jack Moir-Scott
  • Lachlan Goddard
  • Lachlan Hodgson
  • Jacob Anfuso

Music Rocks award winners: 

  • Lachlan Hodgson
  • William Barrett Lennard
  • James Armstrong
  • Liam Gill
  • Charlie Coleman
  • Mitchell Maxton