Year 10 River Cruise 2020

The Year 10 River Cruise has been one of, if not the most anticipated event on the Year 10 calendar this year. COVID threw a spanner in the works earlier this year, with the potential that this event could not go ahead, but thankfully we were able to get onto the boat and celebrate what has been an eventful but a successful year for this cohort.

Students really committed to the theme: Popular Culture Icons and staff and crew on board were very impressed with the effort and execution of their costumes. The 10s spent the night dancing away on the boat together as a united cohort. It was very special to see the sense of unity, cohesion and togetherness throughout the night. All staff involved were so impressed and proud of the way in which this cohort of students presented and conducted themselves on the night.

A special thank you to the staff who accompanied the 10s on this social event and their wholehearted commitment to their costuming! It really made the night a great success.

Gemma​ Beekink
Leader of Wellbeing Year 10