Newman News Term 1 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Creating opportunities for personal challenge: 

In everyday life, our students are faced with various challenges. Taking on challenges is an important skill and part of growing and developing as a person. Students who adopt a growth mindset will look at challenges as an opportunity to develop their capabilities and learn more about themselves.

What can parents do to provide their child with opportunities to build their confidence and learn how to deal with obstacles, success and failure?

  • Teach your child to ‘have a go.’
  • Allow your child to experience everyday adversity.
  • Encourage your child to build independence.
  • Talk to your child about positive self talk.
  • Help your child deal with difficult situations.
  • Explore the benefits of participating in College or Community extra-curricular activities.

More information can be found here.

Newman Parents – ySafe Cyber Safety Education Session

Newman College is looking forward to welcoming Australia’s leading provider of cyber safety education, ySafe to Newman Parents this term.
This practical, strategy-rich session will cover the most important points that all families need to know regarding online safety, covering key information about social media and gaming, screen time recommendations and step-by-step instructions on how to set up a cyber safe home for kids of all ages.

When: Monday 22 March 2021, 7.00pm
Where: Newman College, Marist Auditorium

To register for this free session please click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Newman College Parents

Homework Club

Homework Club has been very busy the last few weeks and it has been fantastic to see so many students working collaboratively with their peers and staff on their schoolwork. Homework Club runs from 3:15pm – 5:00pm, Monday – Thursday each week and all students are welcome to attend. Please do not forget to sign in and out each afternoon.

Careers and Pathways Update

Contact details:

Justin Farley
Pathways  Coordinator 
Tel. 9204 9457

Alastair MacNeill
VET Coordinator
Tel. 9204 9415

Year 10 Subject Selection

This week, Year 10 students have been provided with some introductory information about subject selection for Years 11 and 12.

We encourage parents and students to access the following information:

Further information to parents and students will follow early in Term 2.

Year 12’s: Thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry next year? 

If you are in Year 12 and thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry next year (either at Curtin, or via direct pathway to UWA) you must sit the Undergraduate Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) this year.

The dates for UCAT testing 2021 are:

  • 17 May: Bookings close
  • 1 July: Testing begins
  • 11 August: Last test date

You can find out more about the UCAT at or you are welcome to book an appointment to talk to me.

There are many different ways into Medicine and Dentistry so come and ask if unsure.

Year 10 and 11: Careers in Journalism

Australian Catholics Magazine is offering a chance for Year 10 and 11 students across Australia to apply for our media internship program in 2021. This is an exciting opportunity for students interested in a career in journalism, communications, media or publishing.

This year’s program will take place online from 10 to 15 May. Successful applicants will join the rest of our guest editorial team and our staff via teleconference throughout the week to plan, workshop and write articles for the Spring edition.

Learn more here. 

Year 12 students: Scholarships

Are you the child or grandchild of an ex-Australian military veteran? Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT) is a national charity that manages a range of tertiary education scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Australian ex-serving men and women.

Find out more here.

Upcoming Careers Events

Upcoming Careers Events

Bullying No Way

Friday 19 March marks the 11th National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Our Year 12 student leaders will be handing out resources and stickers on the day. Students are encouraged to wear their Guild uniform on Friday and participate in some friendly games on the oval at lunch.

Wellbeing Update: 

Year 10 Extended PCG – Failing Well

One Wednesday 3 March, Year 10 students were afforded the opportunity to engage in a Failing Well Workshop, where they were encouraged to develop their growth mindset and work towards becoming a mentally stronger teenager. With the use of real-life examples, Ethan and Cassie from IZRA were able to demonstrate to the Year 10s what it means to be mentally resilient and to use failure as a method for positive change and growth. With Subject Selection approaching in Term 2, the idea of a growth mindset and embracing failure is certainly fitting, and it is our hope that the 10s can adopt this positive and constructive outlook to help them not only reach their academic goals, but to help them prepare for life beyond Newman College. We know that life is going to throw our young people challenges, and it is important that they are equipped with strategies to help face and overcome these challenges, and most importantly use them as learning experiences to make better choices going forward.

A few key points that came from this presentation were:

  1. Embrace the uncomfortable
  2. Don’t allow fear to dictate your choices.
  3. Failure is an event and not your identity
  4. There is always opportunity to grow and learn

We hope that the 10s were able to reflect on their own mindset, and can make some positive changes to move towards a growth mindset. It is important that as the cohort begins to adapt a sense of positivity to both their academic and personal endeavours to ensure that they are setting themselves up to achieve their own personal excellence in all they undertake. I have been particularly pleased to hear a number of students self-correct their self-talk over the last week, which shows great maturity and the will to be kind to themselves.

Year 11 & 12

On Wednesday 3 March, during our pastoral care period student sin year 11 and 12 engaged with a presentation from Dr Jane Genovese of Learning Fundamentals. Dr Jane is an educator, researcher and life-long learner who is dedicated to ensuring students learn how to study more effectively so that they can thrive in their learning. Dr Jane took our students through a range of practical tools and strategies to help them study less and get better results. Dr Jane’s presentation was engaging and provided our students with strategies and skills to gain mastery of their subjects and more meaningful learning experiences. In addition, students learnt active study techniques and strategies to help them take visual notes, get organised, develop better focus, and stop the multitasking madness. This session also created an understanding and tools to regain control of their devices and reclaim their focus whilst studying. We are looking forward to trying out some new study techniques and strategies following the presentation from Dr Jane!