Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Vice Principal

It was another mammoth fortnight across all Year Groups at Newman College. Activities included the ACC (Division A) and IPSHA Swimming Carnivals, Pre-primary Farm Excursion, the NAS Senior Competition Day, Year 3 – 6 Music Incursion, Year 10 Allwell Testing and Careers Day, Years 3, 5,7 and 9 NAPLAN practice, Humanities and Social Science Week, Year 11 Outdoor Education Expedition, Year 10 Virtual Baby Program, NAS competitions, Newman Parents y-Safe Presentation, our annual Twilight Tour and the Year 12 Ball last night.

Particular congratulations and thanks must go to our Year 7 –12 Swimming Team, coaches and HPE staff. Newman placed 4th in the ACC A Division Swimming this year, we had numerous magnificent swims. This achievement is no easy feat and is down to hundreds of hours of sheer hard work and dedication. We look forward to our continuing success in this area.

It is great to see students involved in sport. Physical activity has an impact on cognitive skills such as memory, ability to direct focus, and attention. Participation in exercise has also been linked to a more positive attitude and enhanced wellbeing and commitment to desirable behaviours. These benefits are all significant elements when considering a student’s happiness, school performance and personal best achievements.

The Year 12 Students got their ‘shine on’ for the Ball last night. They looked nothing short of stunning and their positive attitudes and zest for fun created an atmosphere that I am sure they will remember for life.

The annual Twilight Tour was also a big hit, highlights were named as the new Learning Hub and display of student work. We had over 350 people register for the event. The level of curiosity and interest that Newman is generating in the local community and beyond is seriously affirming, and our teachers and students should feel proud. We have great aspirations for our students and indeed our school as we move into a new phase of learning, living and loving.

A big thankyou to our Newman Parents who organised for y-Safe to present to our parents and staff on Safety in the Online World. The event was recorded and can be accessed for two weeks here. Taryn Wren the presenter left many useful resources for us to work through. These can be accessed online. Our counsellors, psychologists and wellbeing staff will use these resources in the coming year to upskill our students in online safety.

More information on the services ySafe offer can be found in the following documents

End of Term 1 Information

All students finish on Thursday 1 April. We have prayer assemblies, liturgies and the stations of the cross planned for Holy Week. These reflective experiences will help to prepare us to enter into Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the right spirit and mind.

Start of Term 2 Information

School will return for all students on Tuesday 20 April. On Monday 19 April our staff will participate in Professional Learning and will work together to create our individual Professional Growth Plans, which help us to reflect on our performance, and continually improve.

Uniform Expectations

All students are reminded of the expectations relating to their personal presentation. Please click here to access uniform requirements and guidelines. Some changes were made at the end of 2020 and are reflected in this document.  If you need to purchase new uniform items, please ensure you give yourself adequate time.

Uniform Shop – School Holiday Opening Hours

  • Tuesday 13/4/21, 10.00am – 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 14/4/21, 12.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Friday 16/4/21, 12.00pm – 5.00pm

Thank you in advance to all families for your partnership in ensuring College guidelines are upheld along with your support of our Leaders of Wellbeing in the application of this expectation.

Solar Energy Car Challenge – Gifted and Talented

The Solar Car Challenge is an annual competition which enables Newman College students to build their STEM, collaborative, and problem-solving skills.
As part of a STEM investigation in the Year 8 Science program students were provided with their own solar kits which they had to build and test. Year 8 students used the STEM investigation to develop their understanding around solar energy, circuits, and aerodynamics. Year 6 students participating in the Discovery Maths pathway were also introduced to concepts around solar cars and encouraged to investigate their car’s performance against their peers. After the respective investigations in class, the following two teams were selected based on their ability to build fast and effective solar cars:

Newman College Gifted and Talented Newman College Gifted and Talented Newman College Gifted and Talented

  • Year 6
    Taylor Kazmer, Theo Constantine, Chloe Rear and Joshua Hill.
  • Year 8
    Mitchell Squiers, Christian Hoang, Archie Green and Ashley Howsen.

The student’s efforts and skills were tested against a wide range of other schools on March 16 at St Mark’s Anglican School. The morning session was dedicated to the Year 6 teams, and in the afternoon the Year 8s competed. In the competition students were required to build, test, and alter their cars in 45 minutes. Our students demonstrated an outstanding ability to work collaboratively, deal with setbacks, and problem solve under pressure.

It is with great pleasure to report that the Year 6 team successfully made it to the semi-final on the day. The Year 8 team also built an incredibly fast car on the day and were awarded with third place overall. An outstanding effort for all students involved. On behalf of the students, I would like to thank Krystal Skelin and the Science department for their efforts and preparation in the lead up to the day, and Renae Zelich at the Lavalla campus. Also, an enormous thank you to Alex Gerreyn for his expertise on the day of competition.

Lara Ognenis 
Gifted and Talented Teacher 

Happy Families Online Resource

The College extended complimentary membership to Dr Justin
Coulson’s Happy Families online resource to our entire school
community. 176 families have already signed up and are viewing the
extensive library of resources.

Launch your free membership today HERE

Upcoming Events

Monday 19 April 
Live Webinar | Pot, Pills & Parenting 

Happy Families Newman College

Code of Conduct

The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum is a program that spans from 3 years up to Year 12.  Our College delivers this curriculum during classroom teaching, and through the Wellbeing Programs and Health curriculum.

As a Catholic community we are committed to educating the whole person. In order to do this, we need to ensure a safe, supportive and engaging environment. The basis for this environment is that all in the community model what healthy, respectful relationships look like. The Code of Conduct is the definitive guide to the behaviours we want to model to, and expect from, our children and young people. We want to create a culture that assists our children and young people on their learning journey. We can only achieve such a culture in partnership with all who participate in our community. The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum is a program that spans from 3 years up to Year 12.  Our College delivers this curriculum during classroom teaching, and through the Wellbeing Programs and Health curriculum.

A reminder to all families that the Code of Conduct can be accessed via the College website. The Code is mandated by Catholic Education Western Australia and the application of the code extends to all staff, students, parents, guardians, caregivers and volunteers.

Any perceived breaches of the Code can be discussed with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. As always, if students ever need support, they are encouraged to contact their Leader of Wellbeing, a College psychologist, Counsellor or classroom teacher.

The Code seeks to value the dignity of every person, foster positive relationships, ensure confidentiality and accountability and supports professional boundaries. Events held during school hours, and those College associated events outside of school hours are also supported by the Code of Conduct. Additionally, postings on social media platforms that identify the College or College events are bound by the Code of Conduct. We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to a positive partnership that supports our students, your children.