Newman News Term 2 Week 10: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Term Two has come to an end, and it was certainly a term filled with challenges. Despite this, our students have continued to strive for excellence and have made some outstanding achievements that were recognised during our Principal’s Assembly this morning.  In particular, I would like to acknowledge the following achievements: 

Curtin University Innovative School’s Scholarship Program: 

The Curtin University Innovative School’s Scholarship Program offers students an opportunity to study a first-year tertiary unit at Curtin University while studying at high school. This is a highly competitive program, and Curtin University offers units across the Humanities, Science and Engineering, Business and Law and Health Sciences. In Semester 2 the following students have been offered a place in this program: 

  • Olivia Rubens and Harper Gamble have been offered a place in Human Structure and Function 
  • Alyssa Coumbe has been offered a place for Financial Decision Making.  

ECU School of Engineering Award for Physics: 

Dr Muhammad Rizwan Azhar from Edith Cowan University presented Jackson Kallawk with the ECU School of Engineering Award for Physics in recognition for his outstanding achievements in Physics this year. Congratulations Jackson! 

Year 11 Music Performance 

Poppy Corbett and Rose Carlino performed a beautiful cover of 30/90 by Sapphire at this morning’s assembly. The College was fortunate to have the girls share their gift and witness them letting their light shine. 

Year 7 Boys NAS Team 

The Year 7 Boys NAS Soccer Team led by coach, Mr Diamond were the 2022 NAS Premiers! Congratulations! 

Year 7 Guild Reps 

Earlier this term, Year 7 students were encouraged to nominate for Guild Representative. These students will work closely with the Year 12 Guild Captains and Guild Coordinators in promoting Guild spirit and activities throughout the year. The application process included a written application with a staff endorsement, an interview with Year 12 Student Leaders and a PCG vote.  Congratulations to the following students who were presented with their Guild Representative Badge during Assembly this morning: 

Year 7 Guild Representatives Guild 
Maddison Arnold Brigid 
Jaxon Kojundzich Brigid 
Tahlia Thayer Camara 
Patrick Borgas Camara 
Declan Robinson Catherine  
Karen Willesee Catherine  
Cooper Newbold Chisholm 
Anabel Raguseo Chisholm 
Fletcher Bell MacKillop 
Lila Baugh MacKillop 
Elijah Gaudoin Marcellin 
Emma Parry Marcellin 
Stella Strbac Romero 
Liam Murphy Romero 
Levi Reynolds Thomas More 
Indiana Vucic Thomas More 

Principal’s Award Winners: 

This morning we acknowledged students for their outstanding contribution to College Life throughout Term Two. Congratulations to the following students: 

Year 7 Anabel Raguseo, Isabella Crisona, Maisie Brown 
Year 8Lulu Brickland, Oliver Groughan, Micaela Buddle, Levi Afkos, Linus Keane, Aleisha Colley 
Year 9Audrey Devlin, Dyllan Roberts
Year 10Imogen Boss 
Year 11Liam Gill, Mitchell Rogers, Poppy Corbett, Kai McCallum 
Year 12 Hannah Hymus, Seamus Walton. 

As we conclude term two, I would like to thank all students and families for their efforts this term. I would also like to acknowledge the Newman College staff for their dedication and commitment to ensuring our students have been given the best possibility to grow and achieve. I wish all students and staff a wonderful and well-deserved break.  

Year 10 STEM Challenge Day 

Students with talent in STEM areas participated in the annual STEM Challenge day on Thursday June 23. They undertook a wide range of science and engineering challenges in groups of three or four. Students built towers, bridges, connected networks, designed Mars rover vehicles, coded messages, connected cities to power and built water turbines. Aaron Jones & Hideki Duque would like to present a certificate to the school.

Year 11 Leadership Launch 

Next term, our Year 11 students will begin the process of nominating for the 2023 Year 12 Student Leadership Team. Mr Finneran and Dr McCrory launched this process with the Year 11s today, by sharing their own leadership journey and discussing the idea of legacy. This was followed by a panel discussion with some of our current Student Leaders and was supported by Mr McClorey and Mr Sullivan, who was able to share how his leadership experiences have helped him outside of the school environment.  

The Year 11s ended the day with a reflective workshop on legacy, where they explored the types of leaders they want to be and the legacy they hope to leave as the future Class of 2023. The Year 11 students engaged well throughout the Leadership Launch.  A fantastic way to finish the semester. 

Education Perfect HaSS Championships 

Earlier this Term, students in year 7 – 9 HaSS had the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of History, Geography, Economics and Civics, during the Education Perfect HaSS Championships! Newman College performed very well, coming 5th in WA and 7th nationally, competing against 1630 schools. We would also like to acknowledge some excellent, individual results. Congratulations goes to Jesse Blitz-Cokis (gold award), Christian Hoang (silver award), Timothy Morley (bronze award), Austin Wyeth (credit award) and Owen Wright(credit award) for answering the highest number of questions correctly against other competitors. 

Year 8 Economics and Business 

This Term, students learned some of the fundamentals about the Australian economy; how producers and consumers rely on one another, how price and quantity is determined through supply and demand and who are the ‘winners and losers’ of the 2022 Federal Budget. Not only did they become Economists, but they became entrepreneurs, producing small business ideas they pitched to the class. Cake pops, T-shirt companies and robots are just some of the innovations that students designed and implemented with many groups creating ‘prototypes’ to show to the class. Students had a great time putting their economic skills to use when creating their businesses. 

Year 12 Economics 

Year 12 Economics students have had a very busy Term learning about how spending in the economy can influence the level of economic activity and the business cycle. Students have been studying the impacts of Australia’s hot upswing by looking at what’s triggering high levels of inflation and the tight labour market. This week, we were fortunate enough to listen to a conference from members of Australia’s Treasury who gave great insights onto how government policy seeks to help ‘cool’ the economy. They delved into their responsibilities of economic analysis and how their policy advice influences important issues such as the budget, taxation, and housing affordability. 

Year 7 History

Students have been learning about the ancient past, focussing on ancient Egypt. They learned about the importance of the Nile, key groups in Egyptian society, Pharaohs, and religious beliefs. This week, students enjoyed the opportunity work together to ‘mummify’ a body, as they repeated some of the steps involved in a typical mummification process.  

Year 11 and 12 Mock Trials commence for 2022 

The Newman College Mock Trial Team competed in the first round of the Law Society’s Mock Trial Competition last week against Chisholm Catholic College. The trial took place at the Old Court House Law Museum adjacent to the Supreme Court of Western Australia. Year 11 and 12 students prepared diligently as the defence for the criminal trial. The case – a man was accused of stealing over $700 and a packet of toilet paper from a neighbour during Perth’s Covid-19 peak. The team presented a sound defence in their trial against Chisholm, winning the case for the accused, however, only marginally losing the first round by 4 points. 

Year 10 Subject Information Talks 

Last Friday, all year 10 students were invited to the Auditorium to hear about the year 11 subjects on offer for 2023. Our subject specialist teachers from Geography, History, Politics & Law, Economics and Business Management described in detail, specific course content, applicable excursions & fieldtrips, key areas of skill development and assessment types. Should you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me:   

Uniform & Personal Appearance: 

I ask for the support of parents and families in ensuring that students are in the correct uniform and meet the personal appearance guidelines for the commencement of Term Three.  

Students who arrive at the start of Term Three and do not meet the uniform and personal appearance expectations, will be asked to rectify concerns before returning to school. The following areas of concern must be addressed before the commencement of Term Three: 

  • Boys hair: there should not be a major discrepancy between long and short/shaved hair. Hairstyles such as a mullet, extreme fade and undercuts are not permitted.   
  • Jewellery is restricted to a wristwatch, a discrete cross or religious medal on a fine, light weight gold or silver chain. Rings are not permitted. Girls may only wear one pair of plain studs or sleepers in the lower lobe only.   
  • Blazers must be worn to and from the College and to PCG, Period 1 and 2.    
  • Boys must have the College shirt tucked into their trousers at all times.   
  • The Sports Uniform is to be worn for specialised subjects only. Students with a legitimate reason for being in their sports uniform must provide a note from their parent, however a note does not necessarily mean that a reason is acceptable. The following are examples of unacceptable reasons for being in the incorrect uniform:   
  • Forgetting to bring regular uniform to school, when there is training/activities before school.   
  • Uniform is in the wash   
  • Left part of uniform at another house   

Year 12 Carpark 

The Year 12 carpark is ready for use and Year 12 students driving to school are asked to park in the designated carpark only. Students driving to school and parking on nearby streets do so at their own risk. These streets are regularly monitored, and fines have been issued to students who are parking in these areas. Students who wish to drive to school, must complete a Permission to Park Form which can be collected from Mr Puljiz. 

Key Dates 

Thursday 21 July – Year 11 Dinner Dance, Ambrose Estate, Wembley Downs 

Thursday 22 September – Y12 Last Day