Newman News Term 2 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Key Dates

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly.

Senior School Exams 

This week all Senior Schools students have returned to their usual timetable following their Semester One Examinations. I would like to congratulate students on their efforts towards these exams and as they begin to receive their feedback on their results, I encourage students to reflect on the progress they have made this year and start to set some new targets for the next semester.  

Senior School Ethics Olympiad  

Three weeks ago three Year 10’s flexed their debating skills in a challenging and rigorous competition. Students competed in three heats, as they were challenged with eight case studies. Students evaluated cases and justified their stances with a wide range of WA and Hong Kong schools. Sean Bolton, Isabella Melville and Scarlett Jones discussed freedom of speech, art, discipline, environmental movements and cheating in the Olympics among many topics. The team received an honorable mention and should be commended for their mature and thoughtful discussions.  

Lara Ognenis, Gifted and Talented teacher 

Careers Expo & Year 11 2023 Subject Selections  

On Monday evening senior school students attended the Careers Expo. Students had access to a number of external providers such as universities, TAFE and the Australian Defence Force.  

Year 10 students and their families had an opportunity to explore the Careers Expo and learn more about 2023 Year 11 subjects. Students and families then heard from Justin Farley, Leader of Pathways and Partnerships about the subject selection process. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers and Subject Selection Mentor if they require support in their subject selections.  

Further information regarding the subject selection process can be found here.

Student Achievements 

Congratulations to Year 9 students Tyson Edwards and Ryan Warner who along with their Eastern Phantom teammates won the Junior League National Baseball Championships in Adelaide. After 12 consecutive wins, states and nationals, these boys have sealed the deal winning the Junior League National Grand final game.  
The boys will now represent Australia in the US at the Junior League World Series held in Taylor, Michigan in August.  Congratulations Tyson & Ryan! 

Uniform & Personal Appearance: 

School Photos are next week. Students and families are reminded about the following items of concern: 

  • Boys hair: there should not be a major discrepancy between long and short/shaved hair. Hairstyles such as a mullet, extreme fade and undercuts are not permitted.  
  • Jewellery is restricted to a wristwatch, a discrete cross or religious medal on a fine, light weight gold or silver chain. Rings are not permitted. Girls may only wear one pair of plain studs or sleepers in the lower lobe only.  
  • Blazers must be worn to and from the College and to PCG, Period 1 and 2.   
  • Boys must have the College shirt tucked into their trousers at all times.  
  • The Sports Uniform is to be worn for specialised subjects only. Students with a legitimate reason for being in their sports uniform must provide a note from their parent, however a note does not necessarily mean that a reason is acceptable. The following are examples of unacceptable reasons for being in the incorrect uniform:  
  • Forgetting to bring regular uniform to school, when there is training/activities before school.  
  • Uniform is in the wash  
  • Left part of uniform at another house  

As we finish the school term, I ask for your support in ensuring that students are always organised and present to school in the correct uniform.  

Photo Day

  • Y7-12 Sport Photo Day – Monday 20 June
  • Y7-9 Photo Day – Tuesday 21 June
  • Y10-12 Photo Day – Wednesday 22 June

Students are required to be in full Winter Uniform for their photos (this includes the Sports photos). For the Tuesday/Wednesday photo days, students are required to bring their personalised photo order envelope with them (which were handed out in PCG last week), even if families have opted not to purchase photos. Spare envelopes can be collected from Student Reception if a student has misplaced theirs.

OLNA Preparation – July Holiday Preparation Program 

Mastermind Australia will be holding a 6-hour OLNA Preparation Program over the July holidays. Further information for interested families and students can be found here.