Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Wellbeing Secondary

Term 4 Update

As Term 4 comes to an end, we continue to recognise the efforts of our students and acknowledge outstanding achievement.

On Friday 6 December we will have our Awards Ceremony that begins at 1.00pm and will conclude at 3.00pm in the College Gymnasium. This afternoon recognises student achievement across our learning areas within the context of 2019. It is also an event that acknowledges outstanding student achievement within the area of Guilds and sporting teams at the College. Parents are encouraged to attend the afternoon.

Our Year 11 students are coming to the end of exams and we hope they have been successful in their endeavours. In the coming weeks we will see our Year 10 students embark on their own examinations and we wish them all the best with their studies.

Term 4 will conclude on Friday 6 December for our Year 10 students and on Thursday 12 December for our Years 7-9 students. We encourage students to start emptying their lockers gradually over their final days in order to avoid having to transport a large amount of personal items home in their bags on the final day.

Singapore Learning Immersion Highlights

Twenty-five Years 9 and 10 students went on an exciting and challenging learning immersion at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore from 2 – 9 November 2019. Students have reflected on their experiences from the inaugural learning immersion. Click here to read their reflections and see more photos from the trip.

Music Showcases Highlights

The Sunset Vibes vocal showcase was held in the Marist Auditorium on Tuesday 12 November. The concert featured vocal students from Years 8-11 who performed solos and duets drawn from a range of contemporary styles with a relaxed, summertime mood. Congratulations to all performers and thank you to the College vocal teachers Mrs Heidi Lake and Mrs Nicole Boddy. Thank you to parents for their support of our vocal students.

The Year 7 Music Collective was held in the Marist Auditorium on Tuesday 19 November. The audience was entertained by solos and small group performances by students from the Special Instrumental Program, as well as the SIP singers accompanied by the Years 6 and 7 choir, the ‘Jazz Crackers’ Jazz Combo and Concert Winds. Congratulations to all performers for an entertaining evening and thank you to the instrumental teachers and Auditorium staff for their hard work in preparing for this event. Thank you to parents for their support of the Year 7 music students.

Year 10 River Cruise Highlights

Our Year 10 cohort rounded off their social calendar before embarking on exams with a river cruise on the Swan River on Tuesday 19 November. Dressed to impress in their best Heroes and Villains costumes, the perfect weather and beautiful city skyline backdrop, added to the already electric atmosphere on the boat. It was a perfect way to celebrate the end of another school year!

Business & Enterprise Program – ‘Craftworks’

The students from Diversity Education have been involved with a Business & Enterprise Program over many years. This program offers the students the opportunity to develop skills for life beyond the classroom including financial and economic understanding whilst developing entrepreneurial and employment skills. During the program the students design and create occasional cards, design & decorate gift bags & gift tags, design and create scrunchies, headbands and hair clips for sale to the public. In recent years we have teamed up with the Materials Design and Technology team in woodwork, to create chopping boards, cheese boards, wine/oil holders and planters.

These popular items are sold through ‘Craftworks’ at stalls across a variety of venues. They are always a huge success particularly around Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas. Last Monday saw a pop-up stall at the Floreat Forum, with all money raised reinvested into our Craftworks Business and a donation made to a selected charity. $575 was raised through the stall. The students are to be commended for the way in which they interacted with our local community, as usual they did Newman College proud. Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful enterprise program.

Sharon Wills, Coordinator Education Support
Craftworks Craftworks

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Homework Club

Please see below for information pertaining to Homework Club during the remaining weeks of Term 4.

Week 7:
During Week 7, staff from various departments will be available during Homework Club each day. These staff have made themselves available to assist Year 10 students with preparation for their exams, which are taking place during Week 8. The Marist Youth mentors will also be available during this time to assist students with study and exam technique advice.

Week 8:
This will be the final week for Homework Club for 2019. Year 10 students who are sitting exams during this week are welcome to attend Homework Club, as there will be teachers and Marist Youth mentors available to assist with their study.

Week 9:
Homework Club will not run during Week 9. However, the Siena Learning Centre will continue to remain open until 4.00pm each day.

Literacy Update

MacqLit Progress

Throughout Semester Two, the College has been investing in the resourcing, training and delivery of the Macqlit program. This initiative involves one-to-one and small group sessions with students from Years 7 and 8, with the aim of improving reading fluency and comprehension. To highlight growth, the students involved in the program are regularly monitored with reading assessments. Although this approach is resource-intensive, it has made a marked difference in the reading fluency of students involved. Over the last two months, participants have demonstrated an average growth of 32% in their reading fluency, measured in the amounts of correct words per minute read aloud. These are very pleasing results, reflecting a significant amount of work from the students participating in the program, and both the staff and parents supporting its implementation. Throughout 2020, the MacqLit program will continue to run, supporting low-progress readers and students with literacy difficulties. As reading ability is crucial to future success for all students in both school and life, the MacqLit program is just one example highlighting the College’s commitment to improving the literacy outcomes for all students.

Careers and Development Update

Murdoch Summer School

If you are starting Year 12 next year, you might be interested in the Murdoch University Summer School Program. Over three weeks (6 – 24 January 2020), students will take part in workshops, lectures and labs with the aim of:

  • Preparing for Year 12: Each unit will explore new perspectives, learning strategies and knowledge for your year 12 studies.
  • Receive credit towards a Murdoch degree: On completing the program, you’ll receive a certificate and three points of credit towards a Murdoch degree, which is the equivalent of one subject or unit.
  • Complete a university-level subject while you’re still at school: When you start at university, you’ll feel right at home in your new surroundings.

Click here for more information and to register.

Counselling & Wellbeing Team

Healthy Headspace: Part 3 – Social Engagement

Social relationships are essential for wellbeing and friends can be an important source of support during tough times. Encouraging your child to spend time engaging in activities with friends will help to develop existing relationships and can reduce stress and anxiety. If your child does not feel up to going out, a phone call or text message can help them to feel connected to friends and family, while encouragement to get involved with clubs or sports can help your child to feel more connected to others and the wider community.

Socialising and maintaining friendships can be difficult as your child may feel left out or even criticised by others at times. When this happens, remind your child that it’s normal to feel this way and that the feelings will pass. Listening to your child’s perspective will help them to feel heard and understood. Encouraging your child to practice assertiveness skills, such as listening to and respecting others’ opinions, and reaching compromises, will allow him/her to resolve conflicts in a way that strengthens relationships, while building their own self-esteem and self-respect.