Singapore Learning Immersion

Twenty-five Years 9 and 10 students went on an exciting and challenging learning immersion at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore from 2 – 9 November 2019. Student have reflected on their experiences from the inaugural learning immersion:

Republic Polytechnic Three-Day Course

“During the three-day course, we were introduced to different ways of learning and collaborating with other students of different backgrounds. We went into the classrooms with other Republic Poly students, were given a problem and then worked with them throughout the day to overcome and solve the problem using different problem-based learning techniques. We got to meet and make lasting friendships with other students at Republic Polytechnic, and learn about their culture and their daily life. Overall, it was a great experience!”

Alexander Hall and Amelia Troon


“During our immersion to Singapore, not only did we do a course at Republic Polytechnic, we also did a lot of sightseeing and tourist activities throughout the week. There were many great opportunities to see places around Singapore; on the first day, one of the highlights was the Art-Science Museum where there was a Disney animation exhibition and Future-Worlds, which were both very interesting and quite cool.”

Josh Lee and Jeremy Butson

Responsibility and Resilience

“Many times during the immersion, we were permitted to set out on our own with a small group of people when we arrived somewhere new. We had safety procedures such as an obvious time and place where we’d have to meet up later. This meant we had to take care of ourselves, giving us a lot of responsibly, such as finding an affordable and nice places to eat, going places that suited everyone’s interests, navigating places, and making sure we got to the meet-up spot in time. Having to manage time, money and each other taught us real world skills that we’ll need in our day-to-day adult life.”

Dylan Arto