Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Vice Principal

Key Dates – College Calendar

  • Mon 21 to Fri 24 November – Marian and Lavalla Swimming Lessons 
  • Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 Nov – Year 11 Exam Feedback days  
  • Wed 23 November – Y10 River Cruise 
  • Thu 24 November – Y7 to 11 Secondary Awards and Principal’s Assembly, 8.45am, Marcellin Gymnasium.   
  • Thu 24 November – Y11 last day 
  • Tue 6 December – Y3 Pizza Pool 
  • Tue 6 December – Y6 Mass and Graduation, 5.30pm, Marist Auditorium 
  • Wed 7 December – Y4 Pizza Pool 
  • Wed 7 December – Kindy to Y5 Awards and Carols Evening (Compulsory Event) 
  • Thu 8 December – Y5 Pizza Pool 
  • Thu 8 December – Y6 End of Year Celebration, Adventure World 

This week we introduced 2023 students into both entry points of the College. Our budding Newman Beings for Kindy in 2023, and our incoming Year 7 students joined the campuses on Monday and Tuesday respectively. We thank everyone involved with these transition activities and we look forward to welcoming the new families into our Marist family in the coming months. As with all things, finishing well is connected to starting well. We ask all our students to focus on finishing the 2022 school year well. We still have three weeks to go, and lots of magnificent learning experiences are planned to see out the year. 

This weekend marks the feast day of Christ the King. We are reminded on this feast day that faith in Christ, the King of love, provides an avenue for hope, love, freedom, and ultimately inner peace. The power in Christ as King, is not the power of earthly wealth or riches. It is the power to rise above, to liberate from evil, to defeat temptation and therefore avoid the pain of sin. The power of love draws good from evils. Love can melt a hardened heart. Love brings peace to the bitterest conflict and ignites hope amid darkness. The state of grace offered through love is never forced, it respects our freedom. Christ came “to bear witness to the truth” (Jn 18: 37), that being the link between love and inner peace. In our consciences, we get to make the choice. To choose good or evil. To choose truth or illusion. The Marist characteristic most closely linked to this notion of love is Presence, in essence to show love to those around us, we must be present to our community and those closest to us, present with both our time and attention.  

Instrumental Program

Research from neuroscience shows that music can enhance the function of the brain in children. Musical endeavours like singing and learning to play an instrument, stimulates the brain. This full brain workout leads to improved brain structure with the formation of additional neural connections.  

The Music Department is now accepting applications for instrumental/vocal lessons for 2023. We offer lessons on piano, voice, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass and ukulele. 

Please click on the applicable application link below.  Applications must be submitted by Friday 2 December. 

If your child is currently enrolled in instrumental lessons program, you must complete an application form to continue lessons next year.  

Pre-Primary – Year 2  

Year 3 – Year 12

Please read terms and conditions carefully.  

Queries should be direct to: 

Elaine Knight or 9204 9485 
Margaret Goldsmith or 9204 9488 

Yvonne Wiese or 9204 9472 

End of Year Reporting 

The College uses the Australian Curriculum judging standards across the College to discern the end of year grades for student reports.  Consideration is given to a variety of inputs such as observations, running records, summative and formative assessments, to report on each learning area.  I thank our teaching staff for their diligence, accuracy, and professionalism used to prepare meaningful reporting as a critical element of our Learning Cycle. 

Please ensure you have your details to log into SEQTA in order you can retrieve the reports. Any families leaving Newman College, including our class of 2022 students, are reminded to download all reports from SEQTA as files will be archived at the end of December and will no longer be accessible. 

Any log in queries should be directed to the Student Data Administrator 

Allwell Testing 

The Allwell Test is a test that can report the ability of a student against the following components: 

  • General reasoning 
  • Verbal reasoning 
  • Non-verbal reasoning 
  • Mathematics 
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Spelling 
  • Writing 

Years 2, 4 and 8 2022 Allwell results will be uploaded to SEQTA on Friday 18 November and results will be available for viewing from 4.00pm. 

Leaders of Wellbeing 2023 

We are pleased to confirm the following Leaders of Wellbeing for 2023. 

PK – 2 Edwina Battersby 

Year 3 – 6 Justin Kirry 

Year 7 Scott Smith 

Year 8 Jo Smith 

Year 9 Luke O’Mara 

Year 10 David Husband 

Year 11 Sarah Ellam 

Year 12 Gemma Beekink 

New Staff/Staff Movement 

A very warm welcome to our new staff 

Secondary Drama Teacher – Josh Lang 

Secondary English Teacher –  Alida Kempen 

Design and Technology Technician –  Joshua Gabriel 

Primary Teacher  – Amy Dawson 

Education Assistant  – Caroline Napier 

Ms Caroline Fuhr will be finishing as a Dance teacher effective the end of the year and will be taking a role in Iona Presentation College. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours. 

2023 Term Dates 

Term 1 

  • Monday 30 Jan – Staff Commence 
  • Tuesday 31 Jan – Staff Professional Learning Day (College Closed) 
  • Wednesday 1 Feb – Students Commence: K-Y7 and New Students Y8 -11 (Orientation) 
  • Thursday 2 Feb – Students Commence: Y8-12 
  • Monday 6 March – Labour Day – Public Holiday (College Closed) 
  • Thursday 6 April – Term concludes for staff and students 

Term 2 

  • Monday 24 April – Marist Faith Formation Day (College Closed) 
  • Tuesday 25 April – Anzac Day – Public Holiday (College Closed) 
  • Wednesday 26 April – PK-12 Students return 
  • Monday 5 June – Western Australia Day – Public Holiday (College Closed) 
  • Friday 30 June – Term concludes for staff and students 

Term 3 

  • Monday 17 July – Staff Professional Learning Day (College Closed) 
  • Tuesday 18 July – PK-Y10 Parent Teacher Interviews  
  • Wednesday 19 July – PK-12 Students return 
  • Friday 11 August – Staff Wellbeing Day (College Closed) 
  • Monday 14 August – Staff Catholic Faith Day (College Closed) 
  • Wednesday 20 September – Y12 last day 
  • Friday 22 September – Term concludes for staff and students 

Term 4 

  • Monday 9 October – Staff Professional Learning Day (College Closed) 
  • Monday 9 October – Y7 2024 Orientation Day 
  • Tuesday 10 October – PK-12 Students return 
  • Thursday 23 November – Y11 last day 
  • Friday 1 December – Y10 last day 
  • Thursday 7 December – PK-Y9 last day 
  • Friday 8 December – Staff Professional Learning Day (College Closed) 
  • Monday 11 December – Staff Professional Learning Day (College Closed) 
  • Tuesday 12 December – Staff final day (College Closed)