Newman News Term 4 Week 9 2020: From the Leaders of Wellbeing

Awards Ceremonies 

On Thursday 26 November we celebrated the Years 7-11 Awards for the Academic, Cultural and Sporting pursuits of students.

Over two assemblies, we heard a number of musical items by the Newman Voices, along with an item from our 2020 College production Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical.

In his Principal’s Address, Mr Finneran reflected on how lucky we are to be living in Western Australia and to be able to gather together. He asked our students to view their education as a precious gift and to embrace the opportunities afforded to them to enhance their Newman College experience.

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Year 10 River Cruise

The Year 10 River Cruise has been one of, if not the most anticipated event on the Year 10 calendar this year. COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works earlier this year, with the potential that this event could not go ahead, but thankfully students were able to get onto the boat and celebrate what has been an eventful but a successful year for this cohort.

Students really committed to the theme: Popular Culture Icons and staff and crew on board were very impressed with the effort and execution of their costumes. The Year 10’s spent the night dancing away on the boat together as a united cohort. It was very special to see the sense of unity, cohesion and togetherness throughout the night. All staff involved were so impressed and proud of the way in which this cohort of students presented and conducted themselves on the night.

A special thank you to the staff who accompanied the Year 10’s on this social event and their wholehearted commitment to their costuming! It really made the night a great success.

Gemma​ Beekink, Leader of Wellbeing Year 10

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Year 11 Dinner Dance

We waited and waited and finally the night we had been waiting for arrived- our final day as Year 11’s and the Year 11 Dinner Dance!

After exams, COVID-19 and a jam-packed year, the Dinner Dance was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year as a cohort. We enjoyed a mocktail on arrival and spent some time with the stingrays, jellyfish and sharks as we explored AQWA’s aquarium before entering the dining room. 2021 College Captains Matao and Taylah welcomed us to the event and said Grace before we began feasting on the buffet.

Everyone looked amazing as we danced the night away, treated ourselves to a donut wall and took endless photos in the photo booth. It was great to see the teachers on the dance floor with the students enjoying classic tunes such as Thunderstruck! This event really showed our year group motto #togetherasonein2021 as all students and PCG teachers came together on the dance floor. It was a fantastic evening and I am so very proud of all the Year 11 students.

Thank you to the Year 11 PCG teachers, support staff and senior leadership whose attendance made this event possible.

Rebecca​ Bramanto, Leader of Wellbeing Year 11

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Music Rocks Concert and Parent Lunch

On Friday 27 November family and friends of the Education Support Center students joined together to enjoy the annual Music Rocks end of year concert, followed by a shared lunch.

The students certainly let their musical gifts and talents shine, performing a variety of songs and playing an array of instruments.

Music Rocks caters for people of all abilities, allowing students to learn music and perform with confidence.

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Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp

The Year 9 Outdoor Education camp was vastly successful for both students and teachers.

Students were able to experience, for some, environments unfamiliar to them and spent the night under the stars. Over the two days the students were away from home, they went mountain biking across the varied terrain, they were all challenged by multiple uphill sections and rode the down hills with speed and confidence.

After a grueling 20+ kilometers on the first day, a refreshing swim was enjoyed at Stringers.

Day two, with sore legs, the students rode another 20+ kilometers enjoying the forest and admiring the extra large trees around them.

The students were beautifully behaved and all learnt some new skills, whether it be cooking skills, tenting, cleaning, riding or team work and collaboration.

A massive thank you must go to all staff that assisted and accompanied the students overnight away from their families. Mr Van Der Heever, Miss Clark, Mr Pugh, Mr Williams, Jaxon and Mr Webb.

Jamie Pedler, Thomas More Guild Coordinator/Health and PE teacher Secondary

Student Reflection

“The Year 9 Outdoor Education camp was an amazing experience and one that I would recommend to all students who are considering doing Outdoor Education in Year 9. Our camp was very tiring, at times riding around 50km in total, but it was worth all the hills and sore muscles to finally get to the top and see the incredible view and go down the tracks. Throughout the camp I made friends with a lot of new people that I hadn’t known very well the day before. Dwellingup is truly a beautiful place and the wildlife and plants where amazing. I think that the camp was a major highlight of the year and was extremely successful.” Tabitha Stevens, Year 9 student

Solve It

In the final week of 2020, students in Years 7-9 have been involved in Solve It, our problem based learning activity.

Students were guided through a design thinking approach to solve a variety of problems and pitch their ideas in an intra-school competition.

Monday’s sessions involved ice-breakers, looking at unnecessary inventions and creative problem solving. The fun activities were based around teaching essential skills for Solve It such as creativity, making mistakes and critiquing potential solutions.

Students were introduced to the range of problems that covered a range of topics such as fake news, climate change, consumerism, motor skills, changes to the Marcellin Campus, food delivery services and how we can change the world for the better.

They then went to the department based workshops on their chosen problem.

Tuesday brought about students coming up with some solutions for their chosen problem. Students were using plasticine, paint and various computer programs to create models for their solutions.

On Wednesday students continued working on their solutions and how they would present their solution. Students who weren’t involved in the semi-finals engaged in Guild activities including dodgeball, a short film and capture the flag.

Thursday was a great celebration of the week and wrap up of 2020 with the Pitch Off Final. Eight groups pitched their solutions to our team of judges, Mrs Nerreda Hillier (Board Member), Mr Anthony Bochrinis (Head of Mathematics and entrepreneur) and Ms Lisa Fogliani (Vice Principal).

Kelly​ Johnson, Leader of Wellbeing Year 9 / Food Science and Technology Teacher