Primary Update – Term 1 Week 6

Year 4 Blue Assembly

Last Friday the Year 4 Blue class shared their class assembly with Lavalla students. The focus of the assembly was on rules and their importance within our school, family and community life. The assembly was a clever way of reminding all students and adults of the importance of rules in our lives.

At today’s Marian assembly, our Year 1 Blue class shared with us all they have learnt about the amazing ocean world that God has made for us. We heard about dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and jellyfish. They finished off with an exciting Under the Sea dance with bubbles blowing all over the stage! All the children practised so hard to learn their lines and dance moves for this entertaining assembly.

Thank you to 4 Blue and 1 Blue for sharing their learning with us over the past fortnight.

Parents Visiting Classrooms

As we are now settled into our 2024 classrooms, and students have settled into their morning routines, we are now able to open up our classrooms for those parents who wish to visit.

As of next week (Week 7), parents are able to visit classrooms in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the following times:

Kindy & Pre-Primary: 8:45-8:55am

Years 1-6: 8:35-8:45am

These times are provided to any parents who may wish to visit the classroom to view their child’s work, the classroom environment or to participate in a quiet, small activity with their child.

A reminder that this period of time is not the time to speak to your child’s teacher about their progress or the time to socialise with other parents. We ask that parents are respectful of our Mindful Mornings routine and join in the activities or view the classroom in a quiet and calm way with their children. If you wish to have conversations with other parents, we ask that this is done outside of the classroom. If a younger sibling is attending with you, please ensure appropiate supervision during their visit, and be aware of the play/work spaces that teachers have set up to be used later in the day and ensure that these aren’t interfered with.

When it is time to leave, we ask that parents quickly exit the classroom to ensure students are able to separate quickly from their parent. It may be worth speaking with your child over the coming days about how you may come into the classroom every now and then, but then when it is time for parents to go and class to start, the children will need to give their parent a quick hug/kiss and say goodbye. Preparing your child for this will be helpful in minimising any separation anxiety that may occur at this time. 

Paul Litherland Internet Awareness

On Wednesday morning, Mr Paul Litherland visited our Year 5 and 6 students to share his Internet Awareness presentation. Paul is an accomplished and informative speaker, and had our Year 5 and 6 students totally engaged in the content, which mainly focused on, posting and sharing online, netiquette and online gaming. One interesting stat is that 80% of Year 5 and 6 students indicated to Paul that they are interacting with strangers in chat environments in their online gaming at home- this was very eye-opening. Our students walked away from the session having learnt something new, with over 50% indicating that they needed to reflect on their own online activities after hearing Paul talk. I encourage all Year 5 and 6 parents to engage in a conversation with their children about the content of the presentation.

Disabled Parking Bays

A reminder that marked Disabled Parking bays should only be used by families that have an ACROD permit displayed on their dashboard. We have students and families that require these bays and there have been times where the disabled bays have been used, which has presented unnecessary challenges for those in our community that need these bays. Your support in ensuring these bays are used correctly is appreciated.

Lavalla Kiss N Ride

Lavall Kiss N Ride has been working nicely over the last few weeks and I thank parents for utilising this system. A reminder to please ensure you have your family name tag clearly displayed on your dashboard or sun visor as you come through drive through, as it makes the process quicker and more efficient when trying to usher children into cars.

Dance Troupe

Our Year 5 and 6 Dance Troupe auditions are complete and the students who were successful have now commenced their dance troupe sessions every Friday morning with Mrs Thwaites. The group is enjoying the sessions and look forward to sharing their work with the community at a later date.

Lavalla Swimming Carnival

The Lavalla Swimming Carnival last Thursday was an outstanding day of swimming and sportsmanship.  Congratulations to Brigid who won the Spirit Shield, and to Marcellin who took out the Championship for 2024. We were blessed with the weather and it was so impressive to see students having fun, encouraging each other and trying their hardest in the pool. A huge thank you to Lavalla staff and especially to Mrs Richards for her preparation, organisation and running of the day!

Due to NAPLAN testing next week, Age Champions will be announced at the Assembly on 22 March.

Lego Donation