Primary Update – Term 1 Week 9

Who can believe that we have reached the end of Term 1 2024 already?! It has been a fantastic term full of learning, activities and events across the Primary. Students have already learnt a lot this year, and our staff have provided them with a wide range of learning opportunities throughout the term. It is always so exciting to see students growing in so many areas of their education, and as we conclude Term 1, there is so much to celebrate and be proud of when it comes to our students and their achievements. Our students try so hard each and every day and are most certainly ready for the holiday break.  

Easter Liturgies 

This week both Marian and Lavalla Campuses shared in Easter Liturgies reminding us of the important reason for the Easter season. Our Year 2 and 3 year groups led beautiful reflections for our primary students by retelling the Easter story through scripture. Thank you to our Year 2 and 3 classes, as well as their teachers, for preparing such beautiful Liturgies. 

Easter Raffle 

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Easter Raffle. Through the generous donations of prizes and the purchasing of raffle tickets, we raised substantial funds for Caritas Australia which will make a huge difference in the lives of those in need. We are deeply grateful for your contributions. A special thanks to the parents and students who helped with the wrapping of the prizes; this was a huge task with over 70 prizes at each campus. Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle, wishing you and your families a happy and Holy Easter. 

Harmony Week 

Harmony Week was a wonderful celebration of our multicultural and diverse Newman College community. The Primary students enjoyed prayers and activities throughout the week focusing on the importance of harmony in our community, culminating in a cultural/orange dress up day on Friday of last week. It was wonderful to see a sea of oranges worn by our students to mark this important event, and it was especially nice to see so many of our students wearing traditional clothing from their own cultural backgrounds! 


In Weeks 7 and 8 of this term, Year 6 Blue and 4 Red shared their assemblies with us. The focus of both of these assemblies was on the importance of diversity in our lives. Both classes shared so eloquently how we can live in Harmony with one another, and why multiculturalism and diversity is so important in our Newman College, and Australian community. Thank you to 6 Blue, Mrs Kretzmann, 4 Red and Mrs Horn for sharing this important message – so beautifully linked with Harmony Week. 

Leader of Wellbeing Years 3-6 

Mr Justin Kirry will be taking some very well-deserved Long Service Leave for the entirety of Term 2. During this time, Mrs Jane Short has been appointed the Acting Leader of Wellbeing (3-6) in Mr Kirry’s absence. Mrs Short has extensive knowledge of the Lavalla Campus and the students, and will be a perfect fit for this role. We wish Mr Kirry safe travels for his adventures in Term 2. The process to appoint a replacement teacher for Literacy and Maths support is currently being finalised. 

Students Departing Lavalla Campus 

It is timely to ask parents whose students walk through the bushland through to University Avenue and Coneflower Corner to remind their children that they should always stop at the side of the road before crossing, check both ways for oncoming traffic and then only walk across the road. The school asks that parents do not allow students to get into the car in the middle of the road as this can pose a safety issue. Thank you for your support in ensuring our students can depart safely from the College at the end of each day. 

Primary Build: Years 3-6 Building 

Many in our community will have seen how spectacular the new Years 3-6 Building is looking as we enter the last months of construction. The students, and staff, have enjoyed watching this building go up over the year and are eagerly looking forward to occupying their new classrooms next term. The 3-6 Building is on track to be opened mid-May in Term 2. Classes will remain in their current classrooms for the start of the term and communication will be sent to parents in Term 2 to advise of the date for commencement of learning in the new building. I look forward to welcoming you into this new space upon completion. 

Primary Movie Night 

Join us in a family friendly fun event – the Primary Outdoor Movie Night – on Friday 3 May. Please click here for information and to book your ticket. 

I wish all Newman College families a holy and happy Easter and a restful break and I look forward to seeing all students return to school on Wednesday 17 April. 

Ryan von Bergheim 

Head of Primary