REMAR Embarkation Camp

In Week 2, the Year 11 Blue and Year 12 Gold REMAR students took part in a three-day retreat held at Serpentine Camp Centre. The program focused on peer support, role modelling and community formation.

Student Reflection

“On the Embarkation camp, we learned a lot more about ourselves, our faith and how we can be a witness in our community through the values of perseverance, presence and simplicity. From the Gold Embark, I believe that our caravel has become even stronger than ever before. We did a lot of sharing amongst the group resulting in us feeling like more of a family and without one person we cannot function. There are too many highlights from this camp, but the one that sticks out the most is singing ‘My Lighthouse’ for the last time as a caravel at Serpentine Camping Centre”.

“I gained a better understanding of myself and the others around me. What I found particularly important was the value of simplicity in my life. My highlight from the camp was definitely the constant affirmations from my caravel. It was nice to take a step back and see how much our caravel has grown”.

“From the Blue Embarkation, I gained so much. I gained confidence, leadership and team-building skills, but most importantly, I gained the trust of my peers and caravel members. My highlight of the camp was getting the opportunity to speak to the Gold Rowers about their own REMAR experiences, and forming to new friendships, as well as growing closer to my own caravel members and learning more about them through the sessions we participated in as a group”.

“The Blue Embarkation Camp gave me the opportunity to not only celebrate my REMAR and faith journey so far, but to also create new relationships with my fellow ‘rowers’. I feel as if the camp gave me an opportunity to look back and reflect on everything that has happened in the previous year, and create goals and to look forward to the new year ahead. I have come away from the camp feeling renewed and excited to see what the future holds”.