Term 3 Week 4: From the Head of Primary

As we move through the term I am pleased to see how settled and engaged our students are at the Marian and Lavalla campuses. This is because of the support we receive from the families and their efforts at home to build strong, resilient children who are ready to learn. Our students then come to school and are greeted by dedicated staff who are all looking to see each day how they can grow their students. This personal growth is why our students receive such a good education and why their learning is challenged every day.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following students who have recently received a Marcellin Award in Weeks 2,3 and 4:

Sienna Wheeler, Year 2 Red – for being quick to share equipment with others and giving up her equipment to younger students.

Sophie Pearson, Year 2 Red – for being positive and encouraging to others during team games – especially those who find it challenging.

Luca Trettel, Year 2 Blue – for working collaboratively with a team of students to help clean up and tidy the nature play materials into the nature play space.

Holly Thompson, Year 4 Green – Holly is described as a happy and positive person with a ready smile. She is able to see the positive in all situations rather than finding things to complain about. Holly works hard, putting every effort into all that she does, and always completes tasks to the best of her ability.

Holly is also described as someone with a gentle nature, is a good listener, is friendly and inclusive, and considerate of the needs of others. She is not someone who seeks attention, but rather puts other people’s feelings before her own.

One of the greatest attributes of Holly, is that not only does she look for the positive in things that happen each day, but looks for the positives in people. She is always looking for the best in others, and what a beautiful way to approach life that is.

The Marcellin Award is presented to children who show, in their everyday actions and words, the spirit of the character of St Marcellin Champagnat. The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly. At Lavalla Campus, the Marcellin Award is presented at campus assemblies to one student selected by the Leadership Team from submitted nominations.

Staff Changes – Lavalla Campus

Mrs Therese Le-Sanders will be leaving our College at the end of Week 5 on Maternity Leave. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Le-Sanders for the way she has worked tirelessly with our students and the Newman community. We wish her and her husband all the very best as they welcome their newest family member into the world. God bless. The new teachers working in Year 4 Red are Mrs Queva Fitzgerald and Ms Kate Warchomij. Ms Fitzgerald has worked in a number of Catholic schools in Western Australia and will be starting on Monday 13 August. We also welcome Mrs Annika Sampson who will be supporting our Learning Support Program.

Primary Night at Scitech

Primary Angelico Art Exhibition 

The following students have had their art work displayed at the Primary Angelico Art Exhibition for 2018. The students have displayed outstanding commitment to their craft and we are blessed that they are able to share their talents. Thank you to Mrs Amy Farrell for your instruction and support

  • Charlotte Laurent, Year 6
  • Ella Hills, Year 4
  • Ella Scott, Year 5
  • Zoe Ehlers, Year 3
  • Savannah Doyle, Year 6
  • Harper Gamble, Year 6

Speak Up Finals

Speak Up is a wonderful extra-curricular opportunity afforded to our students which challenges them to grow in the area of public speaking, develop confidence and entertain their peers. In Week 4, the Finals were held at the Lavalla Campus. Congratulations to Joshua Do, Harry Klein, Aadil Thekkayil who were the winners of their year groups. These students will be representing the College in the Speak Up Awards. We wish you well. Click here to read a student reflection about the competition from Joshua Do (Year 6) and Leyla Do (Year 5).

Year 3 Bishops’ Literacy Test – Tuesday 14 August

Next Tuesday, our Year 3 students will take part in the state-wide Bishops Literacy Test. This allows our system to gauge the knowledge and understating of our students and to shape the Religious Education curriculum for the future.

Parent Support

It is important that we all work together to uphold the highest standards at our College. After the Years 3-6 Assembly in the Marist Auditorium, many coffee cups were left behind by parents. Please be reminded that only bottled water is allowed in this wonderful space. I wish to also point out that it is also very disruptive when parents leave during the assembly. Please be mindful and respectful of those on stage.

Guided Planning

I would like to highlight the professionalism of our teachers as they all work with our Leaders of Learning, Mrs Zelich and Ms Anderson, to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. This has been exemplified in our guided planning sessions dedicated to planning and programming learning experiences through a differentiated curriculum and a meaningful and relevant assessment process.

Upcoming Events

Primary STEM Festival
K-Y6 Feast of the Assumption Celebrations
Year 1 Father’s Day Bunnings Workshop
Book Week
Kindy Better Beginnings Incursion
PP-Y2 Assembly – Item Pre Primary Blue

Past Events

The children at Newman College are continuously engaging in motivating learning experiences that support embedding and enhancing their education. Some highlights from the past two weeks are:

Pre Primary Green Assembly
Pre Primary Landsdale Farm Excursion
Year 3 Green Prayer Assembly
Year 3 Red Assembly
Pre Primary 100 Days of Learning