Year 7 Disco

On Thursday 9 August, the Year 12’s put together an incredible disco filled with singing (so loud most of us lost our voices the next day), dancing (so hard by the end of the night our feet couldn’t stop moving) and other fun activities including limbo and dance offs.

The night started a little awkwardly because all we wanted to do was dance but everyone was enjoying talking, but less than 5 minutes in myself and some of my friends started the dance floor which got everyone dancing!

When Mr Woolley gathered us all together to tell us dinner was ready it was like a herd of elephants stampeding through the hallway to get to the food first. We enjoyed a hot dog and either a Fanta, Coke or water. I have a hunch most of us chose the soft drink option though.

When dinner was finished we headed back into the Auditorium and started to dance again and let me tell you the second half of the night was even crazier than the first! We walked into the Auditorium to the song “I love it” by Icona Pop. Seeing this is my favourite song I decided to make the crazy decision of jumping up on stage and dance. Then I saw a limbo pole!!!

As soon as the limbo pole came out everyone flocked to the stairs so they could get a good spot in line so they could have a go. I really surprised myself on how well I did, I made it to the lowest level but then I stumbled and ended coming in the top 5 (not necessarily 5th). I think that everyone can agree that Madison Pizzazo took the cake and won limbo.

Then came everyone’s favourite part of the night; THE DANCE OFF!!! The girls and the boys separated into two groups. We started the competition with girls vs boys. Sadly, for us girls I think the boys got that point. We next had a solo competition which was one of the girls (me) vs one of the boys (Shaun) and I KNOW the girls won that round. Soon afterwards we did a duo round which was Jasmine and Yesnaia vs Christian and Nicholas. The girls won the next point. We came into the last round and the boys desperately needed this point. Once again it was girls vs boys and the girls were more confident than ever. The boys went first, all doing the exact same fornite dance ‘the hype’. The girls went next and all did completely different things. This resulted in a final win for the boys, which meant it ended in a tie!

The night was amazing with everyone going home with a memory they with hopefully will cherish forever.

Emilie Costley, Year 7 Student