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Newman College Secondary School Small Group & Personal Tours

Newman College Secondary School Small Group & Personal Tours

At Newman College we promote and embrace an holistic education which encompasses academic studies, culture, service, sport and spiritual development.

Each of these pursuits is individually important and collectively they have the power to develop your child’s spirit and strength of character: his/her heart and soul.

At Newman College our High School Education maintains a core focus on wellbeing.

Wellbeing is about promoting a better way of life and equality for students where their basic human requirements are met, whilst being afforded the opportunity to reach their potential. Newman College offers dedicated support networks for all students coupled with outstanding infrastructure and facilities allowing students to achieve their goals.

Why not join us for a Tour of our main campus for Years 3 – 6 and Years 7 – 12 located at 216 Empire Avenue, Churchlands.

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lots of activities for students at Newman College

Newman College offers an education that is inclusive. Everyone is valued, everyone is worth listening to and everyone can make a difference. We deliver a Catholic High School Education Curriculum that is collaborative and contemporary.

Newman College Small Group & Personal Tours

At Newman College we regularly run tours to help parents identify whether our school is the right fit for your child.

We are very proud of our school and our students and we always love to share this with families who share our values.

In these difficult times Newman College is committed to supporting the health and safety of students and staff and their families and, as such, we have placed limitations on the number of people we will accommodate for our small group tours.

Why not join us for a Tour of our main campus for Years 3 – 6 and Years 7 – 12 located at 216 Empire Avenue, Churchlands.


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Your Child’s Journey Through Secondary School

Middle High School Years

As students enter their Middle Years of Schooling we continue to seek the development of the whole person by challenging them to explore their interests and passions. In this developmental stage we seek to promote young people who become:

  • Independent and self-regulated learners
  • Resilient in their approach to overcoming social, academic and emotional obstacles
  • Adaptable and flexible in their attitude to learning
  • Creative and imaginative thinkers who are able to work in teams to problem solve
  • Informed and strong advocates of Social Justice issues using the Gospel values as guidance
  • Strong advocates for positive and optimistic social change

Senior High School Years

In Senior education years students are encouraged to discover and develop their interests and strengths so that they might aspire to leading meaningful lives.

As a result, a wide range of academic options await the students whilst Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Woodwork, Fabrics, Food Technology, Health, STEM, Italian, Outdoor Education, Sport and Technology are further opportunities.

In addition, pathways and career counselling resources are available to students to assist in navigating current and future choices.

A wide range of sporting pursuits exist within the College program and beyond in the form of the Newman Sporting Association which offers eight sporting clubs at community level.


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Newman College Programs and Facilities

Education is a journey and at Newman College we are firmly committed to providing the best possible resources to enable your child to reach their full potential whilst experiencing a wide range of opportunities related to both their scholastic and personal interests and growth.

Newman College is with them every step of the way and thus we also suggest you take a look at the programs and facilities Newman College provides as your child progresses through their school years.

Siena Learning Centre

At the heart of Secondary Schooling at Newman College lies the Siena Learning Centre. This is an interactive learning space, representing the modern library.

The Centre not only hosts lessons and learning experiences throughout each day, it is the hub of learning, including the after hours homework club which often see in excess of 100 students granted access to tutors and mentors to support development.

The New Leaning Hub

It is a very exciting time for the staff and students at Newman College with the construction of our new Learning Hub now underway. This facility will see students afforded state of the art learning resources that support our Vision for Learning.

The new Learning Hub will encourage agility, movement and flexible learning environments to support a range of formal and informal learning activities, and provide opportunities for connections between the year groups, staff and the broader community. The Learning Hub will be a resource for children in Years 3 – 12 to enjoy.

In particular, it will provide flexible learning spaces, break out areas, presentation zones and library resources that will service this broader student cohort.

The New Learning Hub is expected to be commissioned in January 2021.

Find out more about our New Learning Hub.

Vocational Training Programs

Newman College knows that not all students wish to progress to University. As such we have structured learning and resources to accommodate a vast framework of opportunities for all students.

This does not simply result in high ATAR scores, but wonderful pathways, careers and transition opportunities through our ATAR, General and Vocation Training programs.

Sport Programs at Newman College

Newman College boasts a rich sporting history which is continued today through the passion of our students. Our sports programs not only offer a wide variety of choices for students through the Northern Associated Schools involvement, but as a Marist school, our students are also exposed to interstate tours for various sports carnivals and activities with and against other Marist schools nationally.

Our facilities are a jewel in the Western suburbs, offering:

  • Immaculate playing fields for an array of sporting activities
  • An 8 lane 50m heated pool that is used year round
  • A modern weights room
  • Fitness spaces that not only provide a wonderful resource for our PE students, but allow health and wellbeing initiatives to include physical elements
  • A gymnasium with sprung floor
  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Turf cricket wicket and cricket nets

Newman College is a school that offers EVERYTHING when it comes to sport.

sports activities at Newman College

Art Programs at Newman College

The diverse Arts program at Newman College includes:

  • Visual Art
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music

These artistic avenues can all be pursued at an ATAR and non ATAR level. Extra curricular activities further enhance the offering to students, with the Arts Department one of the most involved in outreach and performance based programs.

Newman College has pioneered a new and innovate student Art Festival that revolves around an Artist in Residence Program. The result have been quite stunning:

The College has been an active participant in PALS for a number of years, winning the States highest award in 2018. In 2020 the College will perform Matilda the Musical April 1-5, under the Direction of Dixie Johnstone, a WAPA graduate employed full time in the College’s state of the art Auditorium.

Newman College strives to Celebrate the achievements of its students. Annual concerts showcase the talents of our Dance and Music students. Our professional production team at the Marist Auditorium further support and enhance the learning experience of students by providing a level of quality in the showcases that must be witnessed to appreciate fully.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Newman College has committed to strategically and practically building a culture which acknowledges, affirms and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culture and traditions. Our commitment has seen the launch of the College’s first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2020 as endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. A copy of the Reconciliation Action Plan can be downloaded below:


A look back at 2019

Newman College prides ourselves on delivering an environment in which students can Shine through Discovery. That means presenting opportunities that stimulate the hearts and minds of all students. A look back at the 2019 year reminds us of the amazing work that we achieve here with our students, staff and families.

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