Year 11 General Outdoor Education Mountain Bike Camp

On Monday 10 September, the Year 11 General OE class set off on a Mountain Bike Camp that took us along the Munda Biddi trail. We started at Lake Brockman approximately 2 hours south and followed the Munda Biddi trail until we reached Dwellingup. The first day was tough, we rode 70 kilometres across all different types of terrain. It rained the majority of the day, at times it was torrential, we got soaked and it was really cold, but that didn’t stop us as we managed to find a way through and make it to the end. The rain, cold and mud was a great challenge, but we all stayed positive and that helped us overcome how difficult the day was.

Once we got back we set up our tents and then hit the showers! This was the highlight of the camp because everyone just about had hyperthermia at this point. After the shower it was time to start making dinner on the trangia’s. Some people cooked quickly, while others took a while and some people’s meals looked better than others. Not long after dinner we all went to bed to recharge for the next day.

We woke at 6.30am to ensure we leave the campsite at 8.00am. We all got up slowly, our bodies stiff and sore. We packed up the tents and loaded everything back on the bus. The first couple of kilometres were a struggle as our bodies were trying to warm up after yesterday’s efforts. The day however felt a lot shorter and easier than the first. Towards the end of the ride there was a massive downhill where we reached speeds of 70km/hr. This was another highlight of the camp. In the end we rode 45 kilometres and met Mr Van who picked us up in the bus and took us home.

Overall the camp was tough and challenging, however I thought it benefited everyone as we all worked together to get through these challenging times.

Liam Kelly, Year 11 Student