Year 3 2021 Transition to Lavalla

The current Year 2 students will participate in their Transition Day for Year 3 2021. The program will allow students to work with their current Year 2 classroom teachers in a variety of activities to support their transition from Marian to Lavalla Campus for 2021.

Important Information:

  • Year 2 Students are to be dropped off to their Year 2 classroom teacher at the Lavalla Library between 8.30am – 8.45am
  • Year 2 Students are able to order their lunch through Flexischools as per usual
  • The canteen is also open during recess and lunch to purchase snacks – $1 or $2 is plenty to provide your child with, if you would like them to practice purchasing something small from the canteen
  • At lunchtime, our Year 2 students will be provided with a complimentary icy-pole courtesy of the Primary Social Committee
  • Year 2 Students are to be collected from the Lavalla Campus Multipurpose Rooms at 2.30pm. Please note that Lavalla Campus siblings may also be signed out and collected at this time. The earlier collection time is to assist with car flow in the pick up areas.