Year 6 Parliament House Excursion

Last Friday, all Year 6 students traveled to Parliament House and the Constitutional Centre. Students reported having a great time and had the opportunity to get some first-hand experience in how the voting and political system of Western Australia works. They were the first group to return to Parliament House since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, a point not lost on the Parliament House social media team!

Student Reflections

A golden mace, a black rodd, these are just some of the things you would imagine when you hear the word parliament. Well, Year 6 did not have to imagine it. We got to see it with our own eyes and learn all about the history of parliament. Did you know that the mace we have in Perth is the oldest mace there is… at least it is now. Victoria once had the oldest mace until it was stolen. To this day we do not know who took it or where it lays at this present moment. This is just one of the facts we learnt. If we were to state all the facts we learnt we would be here all day.

We started our day meeting Viv the mannequin that talked in what looked like a news station. We learnt all about the people who represent our State and our Country and how to vote. Later we got to do our own vote activity. We all voted whether kitkats, Maltese’s, mars bar or skittles were the best. We even got to do our votes in a voting booth with screens and flyers! But in the end the kitkats won. This was such a special and fun time as the tour guide was so funny and kind. But the fun did not stop there!

When we went to the real Parliament House we were so shocked about all the mind blowing facts, objects on display and just mainly how everything works. We were very fortunate to be able to see all of these incredible things and learn all of the knowledge that is sure to help us later on.” Jessica Bourke, Year 6 student

“Last Friday the Year 6’s visited the West Australian Parliament House and the Hale House. This excursion gave us an introduction into politics which we will be learning in HASS this Term.

Once we arrived at the Hale House, we learned the multiple steps that occur on voting day. The steps ranged from the questions voters receive upon entering the ballot room and the two types of ways you can vote. We even held our own mini voting campaign on which Kit Kat got elected into parliament.

Following on from the voting polls, we visited the official Parliament House of Western Australia. There we learned about famous premiers and the upper and lower house. We learned many intriguing facts but my favourite overall was the story of the mace, a traditional object carried by the Sergeant in arms to protect the speaker.

The excursion was a very inspiring and entertaining day for all Year 6’s. Maybe one day you will see one of us become premier.” Aidan Iannantuoni