Year 8 Reflection Days

The Year 8 students will be participating in a Reflection Retreat taking place over two dates. The Year 8 cohort has been divided into two groups.

  • Wednesday 21 November (Week 7): Brigid, Thomas More, Romero, Marcellin
  • Wednesday 28 November (Week 8): Camara, Chisholm, MacKillop, Catherine

The intent of the Retreat is to enable each member of the year group to explore three key themes; Resilience, Community and Faith. The Retreat represents a unique experience which enables our students to further reflect and discern their own faith journey within our community along with being an important opportunity for students to positively engage with their peers to strengthen and forge new friendships.

Each Retreat will begin at 8.30am in the Marist Auditorium and finishes at 11.30am. Students need to be at school by 8.25am to allow for a prompt start. Morning tea will be provided, and students will return to normal timetabled classes from Period 3. Students are required to wear their Guild uniform on their allocated day.

For all questions or concerns about, please contact Simon Martino, Leader of Wellbeing Year 8