Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival

The Lavalla Athletics Carnival will be held on Friday 11 September. The format of the day will remain the same as last year, a roving carnival to continue to promote high levels of student
engagement and participation.

Students are to arrive at the Lavalla Campus by 8.45am and they will then move across to the Marcellin oval as a group. The carnival will commence at 9.00am.

Students are required to wear their faction shirt and bring their sports bag containing a water bottle, sunscreen, school hat, snacks and lunch. They will carry this with them throughout the day.

Lunch orders will be available from the canteen as usual, however students must bring a packed recess.

Download Parent Letter 2020 Athletics Carnival

Roving Carnival

  • Each year group will rotate through the events as a cohort and will only return to the faction bay for short periods
  • All field events will be held on the day except for High Jump
  • High Jump will be taking place next week during unit sport at the following times.
    o Year 3: Do not compete in High Jump
    o Year 4: 2.15pm Wednesday 2nd September
    o Year 5: 1:15pm Thursday 3rd September
    o Year 6: 2:15pm Thursday 3rd September

Families are welcome to attend the High Jump events during the unit sport times as above.

Parent Spectators

Parents are welcome to attend the carnival, but due to current Phase 4 Covid-19 guidelines, adult visitors are asked to maintain physical distancing of one person per two square meters. Parents are requested to sit in the designated spectator area on the western side of the Marcellin oval and only access the assigned visitor toilets.

Coffee Van

The Newman Coffee Cart will be available at the event and will be located near the auditorium.