Year 12 General Surfing Outdoor Ed Camp

In the final week of Term 1, the Year 12 General students embarked on a surfing camp down to Yallingup. They had been completing surf lessons down at Trigg so were all excited to see how they would go surfing some much bigger waves. Everyone had a great time surfing waves bigger than they had surfed before, with lots of awesome rides and a few graceful falls as well. When the students weren’t surfing they spent their time completing a 15km hike along the cape to cape, a tour of a local surfboard shaper to see how the boards go from an unrecognisable rectangle of foam to the boards they ride everyday, and even a fitness session at the beach in the pitch black whilst it was raining. On the final day the students were lucky enough to have conditions that saw waves a few meters high and were able to witness a few brave locals plying their trade. Overall the students learned a lot from the instructors down there, relished the opportunity to surf in different conditions, and most importantly all had a great time.

Nathan Wear, Health & Physical Education and Outdoor Education Teacher

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