Dance Troupe Catholic Performing Arts Festival Performance Highlights

On Friday 24 August, 51 students from the Newman College Dance Troupe performed at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in the Creative Dance section. It was an amazing night filled with hard work, amazing performances and collaboration from students in Years 7-11. Troupe 1 performed a highly entertaining routine entitled ‘Enter the Circus’ with songs from the very popular ‘Greatest Showman’, whilst Troupe 2 performed an intricate contemporary routine called ‘Connect’, showing how truly important we are to each other. Click here to watch a video of ‘Connect’.

I was blown away at how professional each and every student was, and their hard work and dedication to them team. We look forward to performing these items along with many others at the 2018 Dance Showcase on Friday 26 October.

Steph Crothers, Dance Teacher

Student Reflections

This year, I had a wonderful experience at CPAF. The night went wonderfully; the dance looked amazing, the choreography, costumes, music and team characteristics were fabulous. Before we went onstage the whole troupe warmed up together and had a “pump up” session. Click here to watch a video. There were immense feelings of involvement and community. After the performance, I was delighted to receive many congratulations and complements for our performance. I enjoyed being able to talk with other students across the College ranging from Years 7-11 and bonding over dancing.

Amelia Hornby, Dance Captain


Wow! What an amazing experience it was to dance at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The Junior Troupe’s theme was ‘Enter the Circus’ which was a high energy, acrobatics and jazz routine. Our appreciative audience acknowledged all the hard work, time and effort both Troupes put in and especially our inspiring and motivating Dance teacher, Miss Crothers. I have been so grateful for the opportunity to connect with other Newman College students and other Catholic schools, through dance. I also enjoyed being able to represent the College, doing something I love.

Belle Jenkins, Year 7


Catholic Performing Arts was an awesome experience that brought dancers of many age groups together with a common interest. It was an extremely welcoming and encouraging environment with all teams cheering each other on. In preparation for the event, both teams rehearsed before school to ensure we were prepared and confident for the performance. We went to the Convention Centre for the first three periods on the Friday, where we rehearsed our pieces and learnt more about how the night would run. We all wore our new Newman Dance jacket and t-shirt which made us really look and feel like a team!

Later that night we all arrived ready and exited to perform. Troupe 2 was up first with their piece “Connect”, a contemporary routine which looked at how our current society struggles to connect with one another, and performed very well! We got excellent report feedback for technique and entertainment. Troupe 1 followed with their item “Enter the Circus” which was an upbeat jazz routine with a mix of songs about the circus, and they performed extremely well too.

Catholic Performing Arts was a great experience and opportunity for all dancers on the team and brought us all close together as one dance family. A big thanks from the whole team to Miss Crothers for providing us with these opportunities and being an awesome choreographer.

Emma McGrath, Dance Captain