Guild Athletics Carnival

The 2019 Guild Athletics Carnival was held at the State Athletics Stadium on Thursday 8 August. We had an impressive number of students participating in all track and field events, which wasn’t damped by some cooler weather and drizzle at times. I wish to congratulate every student that challenged themselves to compete. The sense of pride and Guild spirit present on the day was obvious.

Chisholm Guild is to be congratulated for winning the overall Carnival. Additionally, we had an impressive four records broken on the day.

There were many people that contributed to making the Guild Athletics Carnival a successful event. Thank you to the Physical Education staff for their help in preparing and running the Carnival. Additionally, thank you to the staff who worked as officials, the student helpers, the Guild Coordinators, and the Year 12 Student Leaders. Also, thank you to Mrs Rolanda Geneff who volunteered her own time to provide assistance on the day.

Final Results

Carnival Shield

  1. Chisholm
  2. Camara
  3. Romero
  4. Marcellin
  5. MacKillop
  6. Brigid
  7. Thomas Moore
  8. Catherine

Guild Spirit Award: Romero


  • Imogen Boss – Year 7 Girls Discus (26.68m) and Year 7 Girls Javelin (28.5m)
  • Tania Barilla – Year 7 Girls High Jump (1.53m) and Year 7 Girls Shot Put (8.43m)
  • Josh Baker – Year 12 Boys Long Jump (6.44m)

Age Champions (based on all events they competed in):

Year 7 Girls
1st Imogen Boss
2nd Tania Barilla
3rd Yelena Kelleher

Year 7 Boys
1st Caleb Moran
2nd Matthew Tomassone
3rd Leo Kriletich

Year 8 Girls
1st Meg McAullay
2nd Amanda Barilla
3rd Aaliyah Pavey

Year 8 Boys
1st Cooper Stevens
2nd Nicholas Worley
3rd Benjamin Lee

Year 9 Girls
1st Andrea Acuna
2nd Sydney Poor
3rd Monique Faraone / Emily Burgess

Year 9 Boys
1st Joshua Downes
2nd Luis Uribe Carrero
3rd Sharya Ferdinandusz

Year 10 Girls
1st Ellie Jones
2nd Amelia Johns
3rd Emilia Horn

Year 10 Boys
1st William McAullay
2nd Finn Tanham
3rd Ethan Penn

Year 11 Girls
1st Holli Johnson
2nd Hannah Inamac
3rd Jessica Sandford

Year 11 Boys
1st Daniel Esposito
2nd Jake Dwyer
3rd Daniel Pereira

Year 12 Girls
1st Lara Bosnjakovic
2nd Sarah Ranieri
3rd Taya Voysey

Year 12 Boys
1st Dylan Burgess
2nd Josh Baker
3rd Matthew Giumelli

Steven Gregory, Leader of Learning: Health & Physical Education