Lavalla Faction Cross Country Carnival

In near perfect weather conditions, our Year 3-6’s enjoyed a fun and competitive afternoon competing in the annual Faction Cross Country Carnival. The Years 3 and 4 students ran 1.5km course and Years 5 and 6 students completed the 3km course.

It was wonderful to see all our students show grit, perseverance and great sportsmanship while competing to the best of their ability. Well done to everyone who participated and received points for their faction. Thank you to all of the parents who came and supported our students and who volunteered on the day to assist as marshals. Without your help the day would not have been such a great success.

Congratulations to Knox Faction for winning the Carnival.

  1. Knox: 667 points
  2. Delaney: 519 points
  3. Marcellin: 462 points
  4. Brigid: 240 points

Congratulations to the Age Champions:

Year 3 Girls

  1. Olive Bulmer
  2. Allegra Clark
  3. Isla Kalebic

Year 3 Boys

  1. Tom Ellis
  2. Xavier Fleay
  3. Mavrick Patterson

Year 4 Girls

  1. Kaydee Van Deventer
  2. Livia Bogdanov
  3. Addison Campbell

Year 4 Boys

  1. Luke Rombouts
  2. Dylan Hookway
  3. Cooper Warrick

Year 5 Girls

  1. Chloe Rear
  2. Bailey Trovarello
  3. Evangeline Earney

Year 5 Boys

  1. Liam Murphy
  2. Michael Malaxos
  3. Koby Kalebic

Year 6 Girls

  1. Sienna O’Rourke
  2. Ella Hills
  3. Grace Richardson

Year 6 Boys

  1. Cooper Trovarello
  2. Linus Keane
  3. Will Murphy