Life Education Program

The Life Education Program is coming to the Lavalla Campus in Term 2 Week 4. Life Education aims to empower our students to make safer and healthier choices through education.

Parents are invited to attend the Life Education Van on Wednesday 22 May from 2.30pm – 3.00pm if they would like to look at the Programs on offer. The van will be located near the basketball courts and parents can enter and speak to the presenters.

The Program supports children, teachers and families to explore a range of health topics such as nutrition, resilience, decision making, social skills and physical activity. Providing opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills is important in positively influencing healthy behaviours.

Teachers select from a range of age appropriate health and social skills modules to best meet the needs of their students. Students visit the Mobile Learning Centre, meet “Healthy Harold” the giraffe, and engage in an interactive learning session featuring props, role play and audio visual material. This session is used as a platform to introduce and explore various health topics, which can then be consolidated and extended further back in the classroom using comprehensive student and teacher resources.