Newman Newbies: From the Head of Primary

As we prepare to welcome new families into our College in 2019, I am reminded how important play-based education is for our young people. As they enter our College community as three or four year old’s, their world is only just beginning. Our play-based environment allows the students to firstly come to understand themselves and their position in their family and their world, secondly it allows them to understand how to interact with others and finally it allows them to explore the world God made. This also allows them to foster a strong imagination, to create new games, to collaborate and to solve problems. Our staff are always implementing learning intentions through this process and we are fortunate to have such dedicated staff offering the best for our students.


Over the last two weeks, the College has held the Kindy and Pre-Kindy Orientations for 2019. We have welcomed many new families to the school and recognised familiar faces as younger siblings start their journey. Each program was outlined, and the parents were able to connect with the families their children will become friends with. Thank you to the Primary Social Committee for supplying the refreshments and to Melissa Corbett, Katya Anderson and Lisa McClue for their support on the day.


The dedicated Year 5 students have banded together to support our College and our environment. They have formed a team to improve the Lavalla Campus in terms of sustainability, waste management and environmental care. These Eco Ninjas have already transformed the veggie gardens and will shape significant changes in the future. Well done!


Students, family and staff from our PK-Y6 classes came together for a night of Christmas celebration. Each year group has been working with our Music Teacher, Mrs Collins-Ford this term to learn a Christmas Carol. It was wonderful listening to their joyful young voices singing their chosen Carol so beautifully. The evening also allowed for our Primary community to reflect on a year of blessings and enjoy some significant family time together.