Newman News Term 1 Week 10: From the Vice Principal

Thank you for a wonderful term. It has been a fantastic start with so much to celebrate as we head into the holiday period.  

Term two students are to return to school wearing winter uniform.  The first day of school for all students is Wednesday 26 April. Please take this opportunity to check your child’s clothing sizes to make sure they fit.  Students in Years 4 – 12 are required to wear their blazer.   

Students are to be reminded of the expectations relating to their personal presentation and they must return to school with correct hair (styles and colour), nails, and jewellery.  

On Monday 24 April we welcome Andrew Watson, the new Principal to the College.  We are also hosting Bunbury Catholic College and St Joseph’s Northam will join with Newman College staff for a faith formation professional development opportunity with the Marist Life Formation Team. This day will see the three Marist communities come together to reflect on our 2023 Marist Theme, Created and Called.  

Newman College Assessment Policy 10-12 

The College Assessment policy outlines the requirement that students in Years 10-12 must have a medical certificate for being absent for in-class assessments due to illness. Where students miss an in-class assessment and cannot provide a medical certificate they will be awarded a zero as per the College Assessment Policy.  

The integrity of assessments in Senior School is important and as such the assessment policy requirements allows the College to invigilate assessments for all students that are valid, explicit, fair, equitable, publicly accountable, reliable and in adherence with statutory requirements, including those required by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.   

The Assessment Policy and these requirements have been communicated to parents by the Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning at the 2023 Year 11 and 12 Information Evenings for parents and students and via recording sent out for Year 10s. Further communication has been provided in the fortnightly newsletter and students have been briefed on the requirement. Medical certificates can be obtained in person with your GP, via online medical GP services or at your local pharmacy. When students have obtained a medical certificate, these can be forwarded onto 

Extended Absences 

Parents are reminded that all extended absences must be referred to the Vice Principal.