Antecedent Schools

Over the past two-and-a-half years we’ve been dedicated to reaching out and reconnecting with our alumni, our ‘Newman Beings’ as we call them, from all of our antecedent Schools.

What are our ‘Antecedent Schools’?

Our history dates back to 1913 when the first Marist school in Western Australia, St Ildephonsus College in New Norcia, was established. It was in operation for the next 52 years, until 1964, when it was handed back to the Benedictines.

In 1942 the Brigidine Sisters arrived in WA and assumed control of St Joseph’s (Brigidine) Primary School from the Sisters of Mercy. They opened Brigidine Secondary School the following year, and Our Lady of Victories Primary School in Wembley in 1949. In 1962, Brigidine Secondary School moved to Floreat and became Brigidine College.

In 1954 the Marist Brothers founded St Joseph’s College, Subiaco, which became Marist Junior College in 1965. That same year, Marist Senior College opened on our new Churchlands campus.

In 1962 the Dominican Sisters, who had been offering education to West Australian girls since 1899 when they established their first convent in Greenough, opened Siena Girls’ High School in Doubleview. 

In 1977 the Brigidine and Dominican Sisters joined with the Marist Brothers to form Newman College, uniting all Schools under one banner.

St Ildephonsus College, (1913-1964) New Norcia

St Joseph’s (Brigidine) Primary School (1942-1961), corner of McCourt Street and Salvado Road, Wembley

Brigidine Secondary School (1943-1961), Salvado Road, Wembley

Our Lady of Victories Primary School (1949-1982), corner of Simper and Cambridge Street, Wembley

St Joseph’s (Marist) College (1954-1964); Marist Junior College (1965-1976), Salvado Road, Subiaco

Brigidine College (1961-1982); Newman Junior School, Marian Campus (1984-Present), Peebles Road, Floreat

Siena Girls’ High School (1962-1982); Newman Siena (1983-1994), Williamstown Road, Doubleview

Marist College (1965-1976); Newman College (1977-present), Empire Avenue, Churchlands