Antecedent Schools

Over the past two-and-a-half years we’ve been dedicated to reaching out and reconnecting with our alumni, our ‘Newman Beings’ as we call them, from all of our antecedent Schools.

What are our ‘Antecedent Schools’?

Our history dates back to 1913 when the first Marist school in Western Australia, St Ildephonsus College in New Norcia, was established. It was in operation for the next 52 years, until 1964, when it was handed back to the Benedictines.

In 1942 the Brigidine Sisters arrived in WA and assumed control of St Joseph’s (Brigidine) Primary School from the Sisters of Mercy. They opened Brigidine Secondary School the following year, and Our Lady of Victories Primary School in Wembley in 1949. In 1962, Brigidine Secondary School moved to Floreat and became Brigidine College.

In 1954 the Marist Brothers founded St Joseph’s College, Subiaco, which became Marist Junior College in 1965. That same year, Marist Senior College opened on our new Churchlands campus.

In 1962 the Dominican Sisters, who had been offering education to West Australian girls since 1899 when they established their first convent in Greenough, opened Siena Girls’ High School in Doubleview. 

In 1977 the Brigidine and Dominican Sisters joined with the Marist Brothers to form Newman College, uniting all Schools under one banner.

St Ildephonsus College, (1913-1964) New Norcia

St Joseph’s (Brigidine) Primary School (1942-1961), corner of McCourt Street and Salvado Road, Wembley

Brigidine Secondary School (1943-1961), Salvado Road, Wembley

Our Lady of Victories Primary School (1949-1982), corner of Simper and Cambridge Street, Wembley

St Joseph’s (Marist) College (1954-1964); Marist Junior College (1965-1976), Salvado Road, Subiaco

Brigidine College (1961-1982); Newman Junior School, Marian Campus (1984-Present), Peebles Road, Floreat

Siena Girls’ High School (1962-1982); Newman Siena (1983-1994), Williamstown Road, Doubleview

Marist College (1965-1976); Newman College (1977-present), Empire Avenue, Churchlands

Newman News Term 2 Week 2: From the Principal

Principal Announcement

Many thanks to all in the community for your support regarding the announcement that I will conclude my tenure as Principal at the end of 2022. It has been an incredible seven years and my family has been very grateful for the experience of living in WA. Over the coming months I look forward to sharing my appreciation with students, staff, and families.

As a College we have achieved much based on the collective efforts of our students, staff, and families. Shine through Discovery – Let your light Shine (Mat 5:16) has underpinned a period of significant growth and development which places our school as one of choice for families. Our Marist charism invites us to be present to each other and cultivate relationships to build community. We look forward to the term ahead and ask all students to set goals and commit themselves to our culture of excellence in all their pursuits.

College CDP PK-6 Launch

This week marks the launch of our new PK-6 refurbishment on the Churchlands Campus. A new web page has been established and will provide the design, timelines and up to date information as it arises. This development will consolidate the College PK-12 on one campus and will ensure our viability for generations to come. In addition, we recently completed works to a large proportion of the creek that separate our Lavalla and Marcellin Campus. This completion if this project will allow for greater connectivity in the College and provide greater play and learning spaces.

We will be a hosting an information night later this term with our architects Munns Sly Moore.

Y3-Y6 Building

Year 6 Camp

On Thursday I attended the Year 6 Camp which took place at Forrest Edge Waroona. To acknowledge the significance of the students’ final year of primary schooling, I presented each student with a commemorative shirt. The confidence developed at camp, along with the great example set by our Year 6 students throughout the year will no doubt serve to encourage and empower all Lavalla students to Shine through Discovery.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Year 6 teaching team for their support in organising this amazing experience.

Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 camp was held this week at Swan Valley Adventure Camp. A great experience for all our students highlighted by the joy and excitement of our students. Thanks again to our staff for their commitment and support of our students.

Mother’s Day

I hope that many will have the opportunity to spend time with their mothers this Sunday. I remind myself every day about the amazing impact my own mum has had on my life – the unconditional love, care and support which has sustained me to this day.

We are so blessed to be part of a Marian family which emphasises where our founder, St Marcellin Champagnat, asks of us to draw nearer to Mary and her example. Her strength, resilience and love inspires us today to do the same.

Wishing all families, a happy Mother’s Day.

Newman News Term 1 Week 10: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

As Term One comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to think our students, staff, and families for their support and perseverance during this challenging term. While we have faced various restrictions, the school term has been filled with many events, activities and opportunities for our students and they should be so proud of the efforts and achievements.  

Our Principal’s Assembly on Wednesday morning highlighted some amazing sporting achievements and acknowledged students who in 2021, volunteered more than 20 hours of service towards the Living Marist Christian Service-Learning Program. I would particularly like to congratulate Isabelle Roper in Year 9 for her 200 hours of Service Learning throughout 2021. We were also able to acknowledge students from Years 7 to 12, who have made an outstanding contribution to College life throughout Term One with a Principal’s Award. Congratulations to all students! 

I wish our students, staff and families, a Happy Easter, and a wonderful and well-deserved break. I hope that our students enjoy this time with their families and friends, and we look forward to their return to Term Two.  

Key Dates 

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly.

Term Two

We will welcome our students back to Term Two with Year Group assemblies on Tuesday 26 April. These assemblies will include an ANZAC Day Ceremony hosted by representatives from primary, Year 9 and the Student Leadership Team.  


A reminder that students return to Term Two in Winter Uniform. Please ensure that you are familiar with the Uniform Requirements and Personal Appearance Expectations found here.  

WACE Revision Courses 

There are a number of revision workshops throughout the course of the year held by external providers. These workshops include ATAR & Middle School Courses, Study Skills and Tutoring. For further information, please click here

ECU Excursion

The Year 10 and 11 Physical Education Studies students were recently invited to visit the Sports Science facilities at ECU in Joondalup.

Students toured the facilities and heard about the post-school pathways that exist in the rapidly evolving Exercise and Sports Science industries.

The visits enabled students to see the real-world application of many of their theory concepts.

Year 11 students participated in a practical laboratory activity that extended their knowledge of the biomechanical concept of force, and under the direction of Professor Ken Nosaka, students learnt about some of the newest advancements in the Exercise and Sports Science fields, including research on the benefits of eccentric loading when performing resistance activities.

The excursions were a great opportunity to spend time in a leading tertiary institution and students left motivated and excited about the pathways that might be accessed after studying Physical Education Studies.

Year 10 students are encouraged to speak with Mr. Tremayne or one of the other PE staff if they are interested in learning more about the Year 11 and 12 courses available as they start their subject selection process.

SHINE Update

SHINE through Forensic Science

Our Year 10 students, gifted and talented in STEM, were fortunate to have Murdoch University expert in Forensic Science Cindy Palermo and Anubhav Jarial (Law student) facilitate two fascinating workshops. The first workshop required students to use blood type knowledge, solve Mathematical equations, discern patterns, and critically evaluate several pieces of evidence to determine the prime suspect in a case. Following this, students applied trigonometry to analyze a re-created blood splatter. I commend the following students for their positive engagement and critical thinking in a challenging and thought-provoking morning: Ariana Mason, Jaydon Augustus, Zoe Boss, Alyssa Coumbe, Zak Rodkiewicz, Jordan Smith, Olivia Rubens, Harper Gamble, Charlotte Laurent, Samarah Mammoliti, Angelica Rombouts, Zoe Trovato, Lucas March, Zara Kok, Hideki Duque, Saskia Chesson, Keira Reynolds, Seth Fox and Marcus Malaxos. I would also like to thank Mr Brad Cotterell and Mr Justin Farley for his support of students during the morning.

SHINE through problem solving

Year 9 gifted and talented students in STEM were also fortunate to have Murdoch University lead them through the Rube Goldberg challenge. After an introduction to the machine students were challenged to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills build their own Rube Goldberg machine under time constraints. The following students should be proud of their effort and commitment to the problem-solving task: Grace Gordon, Leonardo Mason, Tomas Macri, Chloe Byrne, Charlie Cossom, Stefano Rapanaro, Laura Nolan, Abigail Fowler, Rebecca Rubens, Amelia Ng, Dyllan Roberts, Kate Le, Jenna King, Ethan Wynne, Kevin Xanthis and Sebastian Dziedzic. I would also like to thank Mr Naylor and Mr Nelson for their support of students during the workshop.

Newman News Term 1 Week 10: From the Deputy Principal Primary

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it” JM Barrie – Peter Pan 

At the end of what has been a very busy, and often tumultuous term, I am pleased to be able to sit back and reflect on the many great achievements and moments of celebration that our students have experienced over the past ten weeks. Despite the challenges that this term has presented, such as our inability to gather for liturgies and assemblies, having to take events online, and beginning mask wearing throughout the school day, our students have continued to believe in their ability to overcome each challenge and show us how they can fly. It is no coincidence that one of our College’s pedagogical pillars is Challenge; the skills that our students have learnt in facing this term’s challenges, such as resilience and a growth mindset will stay with them as they continue their educational journey.  

My sincere thanks are extended to our amazing teaching team, who have once again shown that teaching is not just a career but a vocation. The challenges of COVID this term have resulted in teachers often being required to work longer and even harder in ensuring that their students learning remained unaffected. This has involved teachers preparing lessons and resources in support of other classes, supporting relief staff when someone was unwell or isolating, picking up extra recess or lunch duties, keeping in touch and preparing learning packs for isolating students (whilst still being present to their face-to-face class) and engaging in remote learning (sometimes even when they have been a bit unwell themselves!) What a team! I hope that our teachers, along with our students and families have a very well-deserved and restful Easter break. We look forward to everyone returning in Term 2, with a sense of rejuvenation and the energy to combat whatever Term 2 may present us with.  

Key Dates 

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly. 

Project Compassion  

Many thanks to our families for their support of Project Compassion throughout Lent. Your generous support can help change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. To learn more about Project Compassion you can go HERE.  

Easter Raffle 

Our annual Easter Raffle was once again a huge success in contributing to our Project Compassion fundraising efforts. The winners of the raffle were drawn at the end assembly on Friday morning with the Easter Bunny delivering prizes to students across Pre-Kindy to Year 6.  

Thank you to Mrs Jane Short, for her coordination of the raffle and the parent helpers who assisted in wrapping and assembling the prizes.  

Lavalla Campus Assembly 

Thank you to Mrs Robyn Hatchett and the Year 6 Green students for their wonderful assembly performance. Your energy and enthusiasm is to be commended, particularly on the last day of term. We are so grateful for all your efforts in putting the assembly together,  

 A big congratulations to all our Merit Award winners on their fantastic achievements. 

Year 1 Zoo Excursion 

Year 1 students had an adventure at the Perth Zoo on Monday, as they consolidated their Science Unit on Life and Living. Thank you to the parents that were able to assist as Excursion Helpers on the day.  

Year 2 Bunnings Incursion 

In Science this term, Year 2 have been learning about the Earth’s important resources. As a final project for their Science unit, Bunnings provided an incursion on creating a mini school garden. Students discussed how water, soil and the sun as well as many other resources, support our plants and creatures. Each student planted their own vegetable, which they ae excited to watch grow, ready for harvesting. We hope that these garden beds continue to promote learning with all Marian students and promote our College’s focus on sustainability.  

Mercycare School Holiday Program 

Mercycare’s School Holiday program has a range of exciting incursions and excursions available throughout this upcoming Easter holiday period. The service is open to currently enrolled students of Newman College and operates from 7am to 6pm each day. Families interested in enrolling their child into the program should contact Luisa on 0409 065 996 or Details of the upcoming holiday program can be found below.  

School Photos Days

A reminder to all families that our photo days are taking place on the following days:

  • Years 3-6 (Lavalla Campus) – Friday 29 April 2022
  • Kindy, Year 1 & Year 2 (Marian Campus) – Friday 13 May 2022
  • Pre-Primary TBC

Students should now have received their school photo order envelope. The order envelopes are printed uniquely for each student. On photo day, the camera links to the bar code on the order envelope, therefore it is extremely important that every student returns their envelope on photo day – even if families are not buying photos. The instructions to parents are printed on the envelope and are self explanatory. Parents will notice that they have a wide choice of photo packs available to purchase.

Uniform Expectations

Kindy – Students have the option to wear their Newman College t-shirt

Pre Primary – Students must wear their Newman College Tracksuit (tracksuit pants are preferred)

Years 1-6 – Students must wear their full winter uniform. Boys can wear either their shorts or trousers and girls are welcome to wear their dress or skorts (Years 4-6 to wear their blazer)

We hope that all students can be present at school this day, as school photos often become a treasured memory that are looked upon with great fondness and affection in the years to come.

Newman News Term 1 Week 10: From the Director of Mission and Catholic Identity

The end of Term 1 coincides with the end of Lent. This period of 40 days before Easter is a time for us to recalibrate our focus on what is truly important through prayer, almsgiving and fasting. Our students have demonstrated a spirit of generosity throughout the term in the way they have supported our fundraising initiatives for Lismore and Project Compassion. As we prepare for Holy Week and enter the Easter period, we encourage our families to contemplate this journey and how we can be Easter people and bring new life into our communities through our relationship with God, ourselves and most importantly each other. On Wednesday 6 April, our students from Marcellin participated in the Easter Liturgy, click here to watch. Students from Marian and Lavalla reflected on the Easter story through their liturgy, beautifully put together by our Year 1 class. Click here to watch.  

It has been another big term for the Ministry office and I am grateful to the support of all our staff, students and families. I look forward to another term of advocacy, service and prayer in Term 2. 

Key Dates 

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly. 

Year 11 Game Changer Retreat – March 29 

Each Game Changers group takes part in an annual Retreat Day. These days are facilitated by Marist Youth Ministry and offer an opportunity for Game Changers to connect and build community with each other. The program features 3 main sessions, with an opportunity for large and small group discussion. The aim is to energise students in their ongoing journey as well as allow space and time to gather and plan for their leadership and service opportunities within and beyond the school context. 

One does not live on bread alone’ Matthew 4, was the opening idea for our Year 11 Game Changers Retreat. We focused on our Five F’s: family, fun, faith, friends and fitness, reflecting on how we live these out in our lives at the moment, and perhaps how we can improve on them.  We discussed the fragility of life through the metaphor of the ‘Jenga tower’ and considered who helps us pick up the pieces when things become unsteady. 
 “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10, once we had established our requirements for a supported and fulfilled life, we explored how we can contribute to society and how we can use our unique gifts and talents to create abundance for ourselves and those in our communities. A restorative and inspiring day, the students felt invigorated to return to school life, to bring a relaxed and innovative approach to recognising potential and creating a better future for themselves and others.  
Mrs Aleisha Bryson, Leader of Youth Ministry and Advocacy 
Our next Game Changers Retreat will be held on April 29 for Year 9 Students. 

Project Compassion  

Newman College would like to express sincere thanks to all those who helped with our last push towards achieving our goal for Project Compassion. The funds raised doubled in just a week as students participated in a range of activities across the College, digging deep into their pockets.  

The sales from the famous Primary School Easter raffle, free dress day, teacher raffle and hula hoop throw competition all contributed towards accelerating our awareness and contribution of funds for those communities around the world in need of our small donations.  

As Mr Martino could be heard time and time again quoting “$2 or $5, will barely be noticed by most of us, it may mean we go without a want, like a waffle or ice-cream from the canteen. But for these people it could mean the difference of eating, access to water or safe practices within their community.” We saw this in action with Pastoral Care Groups such as Romero 7 and Camara 10 taking on the challenge as a group and astounding all with the results of their commitment and generosity.  

Students across Marian and Lavalla have continued raising awareness and funds for Project Compassion’s Caritas appeal. Our Year 4 students have organised a ‘Walk for Water’ event where students have carried buckets of water around the oval to experience what many young people around the world have to do each day. Our Year 6 students have been assisting in the organisation of our Easter Raffle and have also organised a number of competitions including, guess the lollies in the jar with all proceeds supporting Caritas. 

A heartfelt thankyou to everyone who helped in the organising and running of the events, as well as those who participated and donated their time and money. Looking forward to sharing out totals next term. 

Student Reflections

Walk for Water

Today we organised a ‘Walk for Water’ event for the Year 4 students. We have been learning how many people around the world have to walk each day to get fresh water. To help our class understand how that feels like we set up a relay around the oval where each team had to carry a bucket of water.

Sienna, Poppy, Vivienne and Stella (4 Red)

Easter Raffle

Today there was great excitement as we drew the prizes from our annual Easter Raffle. Many thanks to the generous donations already from our families. Thank you also to the students and parents who assisted with the wrapping of the prizes. All funds raised have been donated to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion appeal this Lent.

Year 6 Fundraising

In Year 6 we have spent time listening to Project Compassion stories and how Caritas helps those in need around the world. We decided to organise a lolly guessing competition with all the money raised donated to Caritas’s Project Compassion appeal. We hope the money raised helps lives in need and provides opportunities for those people who are not as lucky as we are.

Ella, Lola, Olivia, Chloe, Emmersyn (Year 6)

Year 7 Retreat Day  

As part of their Year 7 experience, students attended a Retreat Day organised by the College and facilitated by 24/7 Youth Ministry who are specifically trained for this role.  The Retreat Day follows our Vision for Mission “Good Christians and Good Citizens” as we offer students an opportunity away from their normal school routine to pause and reflect on their relationship with creation, others, themselves, and God. Students have found these experiences to be both positive and rewarding. 

The next Retreat Day on the Marcellin Campus is scheduled for our Year 8 Students on May 26. 

Thursday Morning Mass  

Thursday Morning Mass will continue in Term 2 for students across the College. Mass begins at 8.10 am in the Champagnat Chapel and is celebrated by our local priests. 

  • Week 1, Thursday 28 April; Year 12 Students 
  • Week 2, Thursday 5 May; Year 3 Students