Newman College Teacher takes out the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Teacher Award ‘Improving Student Learning and Progress’

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Catherine Young – WINNER Teacher Awards 2023 ‘Improving Student Learning and Progress’

Newman College Perth is thrilled to announce and celebrate the outstanding achievement of one of our own, Catherine Young Leader of Learning PK-6, who has been announced as the recipient of the inaugural National Teacher Awards 2023 in the category Improving Student Learning and Progress.

The Teacher Awards have been developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), to recognise and commend the exceptional contributions of educators, school leaders, and support staff in K-12 school settings across Australia. Catherine, nominated by our Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning PK-12, Beth Murphy, has made numerous contributions and taken various initiatives in the field of education, with a particular focus on data literacy and enhancing student progress. This award highlights the significant impact of her work for educators, students, and the broader educational community. The award recognises Catherine’s leadership abilities, collaborative endeavours, dedication to data-driven decision-making, reliance on evidence-based practices, and continuous commitment to professional development. It underscores her role in empowering her fellow educators and cultivating a culture of ongoing improvement and professional growth among her colleagues.

The Judging Panel, comprising nine esteemed experts in the field of education, including Professor Geoff Masters, Professor Lyn Sharratt, Professor Pasi Sahlberg, Professor Pauline Taylor-Guy, Associate Professor Marnee Shay, Dr Troy Meston, Ben Sacco, Alex Wharton, and Mali Jorm considered the nominations. Their expertise and rigorous evaluation process make Catherine’s achievement even more remarkable. Professor Geoff Masters, a distinguished member of the Judging Panel, remarked on the exceptional contributions made by teachers like Catherine Young to the teaching profession, student learning, and the overall wellbeing of students. The 2023 Teacher Award applicants showcased the profound passion and dedication that educators across Australia possess, and Catherine’s achievements truly stand out and this award is a recognition of Catherine’s unwavering dedication, exceptional contributions to education, and her profound impact on the lives of the students here at Newman College.

Congratulations Catherine!

The Nomination Criteria

Improving Student Learning and Progress

Every student is capable of successful learning and of making ongoing progress. This award is open to an individual or team of educators and celebrates success in improving learning and progress for students, regardless of their starting point – including those working above or below year-level expectations. Judges will be looking for elements such as:

  • Professional learning to support data literacy of staff
  • Systematic collection and use of data, from different sources, to identify: where individual students are in their learning; gaps in learning and individual student needs; appropriate teaching strategies and interventions (this may include programs to support specific cohorts of students, such as those facing disadvantage)
  • Using multiple sources of data to monitor student progress and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching
  • A feedback and reporting approach that aligns with the school context, teaching approaches, and student/parent needs
  • Teachers clearly explain students’ current knowledge, understanding and skills
  • Communicating student progress and long-term growth, rather than just achievement
  • Students understand the next steps in learning, and receive clear feedback on how to improve
  • Parents understand their child’s learning progress and needs, and how to best support them

Antecedent Schools

Over the past two-and-a-half years we’ve been dedicated to reaching out and reconnecting with our alumni, our ‘Newman Beings’ as we call them, from all of our antecedent Schools.

What are our ‘Antecedent Schools’?

Our history dates back to 1913 when the first Marist school in Western Australia, St Ildephonsus College in New Norcia, was established. It was in operation for the next 52 years, until 1964, when it was handed back to the Benedictines.

In 1942 the Brigidine Sisters arrived in WA and assumed control of St Joseph’s (Brigidine) Primary School from the Sisters of Mercy. They opened Brigidine Secondary School the following year, and Our Lady of Victories Primary School in Wembley in 1949. In 1962, Brigidine Secondary School moved to Floreat and became Brigidine College.

In 1954 the Marist Brothers founded St Joseph’s College, Subiaco, which became Marist Junior College in 1965. That same year, Marist Senior College opened on our new Churchlands campus.

In 1962 the Dominican Sisters, who had been offering education to West Australian girls since 1899 when they established their first convent in Greenough, opened Siena Girls’ High School in Doubleview. 

In 1977 the Brigidine and Dominican Sisters joined with the Marist Brothers to form Newman College, uniting all Schools under one banner.

St Ildephonsus College, (1913-1964) New Norcia

St Joseph’s (Brigidine) Primary School (1942-1961), corner of McCourt Street and Salvado Road, Wembley

Brigidine Secondary School (1943-1961), Salvado Road, Wembley

Our Lady of Victories Primary School (1949-1982), corner of Simper and Cambridge Street, Wembley

St Joseph’s (Marist) College (1954-1964); Marist Junior College (1965-1976), Salvado Road, Subiaco

Brigidine College (1961-1982); Newman Junior School, Marian Campus (1984-Present), Peebles Road, Floreat

Siena Girls’ High School (1962-1982); Newman Siena (1983-1994), Williamstown Road, Doubleview

Marist College (1965-1976); Newman College (1977-present), Empire Avenue, Churchlands

Newman News Term 2 Week 2: From the Principal

Principal Announcement

Many thanks to all in the community for your support regarding the announcement that I will conclude my tenure as Principal at the end of 2022. It has been an incredible seven years and my family has been very grateful for the experience of living in WA. Over the coming months I look forward to sharing my appreciation with students, staff, and families.

As a College we have achieved much based on the collective efforts of our students, staff, and families. Shine through Discovery – Let your light Shine (Mat 5:16) has underpinned a period of significant growth and development which places our school as one of choice for families. Our Marist charism invites us to be present to each other and cultivate relationships to build community. We look forward to the term ahead and ask all students to set goals and commit themselves to our culture of excellence in all their pursuits.

College CDP PK-6 Launch

This week marks the launch of our new PK-6 refurbishment on the Churchlands Campus. A new web page has been established and will provide the design, timelines and up to date information as it arises. This development will consolidate the College PK-12 on one campus and will ensure our viability for generations to come. In addition, we recently completed works to a large proportion of the creek that separate our Lavalla and Marcellin Campus. This completion if this project will allow for greater connectivity in the College and provide greater play and learning spaces.

We will be a hosting an information night later this term with our architects Munns Sly Moore.

Y3-Y6 Building

Year 6 Camp

On Thursday I attended the Year 6 Camp which took place at Forrest Edge Waroona. To acknowledge the significance of the students’ final year of primary schooling, I presented each student with a commemorative shirt. The confidence developed at camp, along with the great example set by our Year 6 students throughout the year will no doubt serve to encourage and empower all Lavalla students to Shine through Discovery.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Year 6 teaching team for their support in organising this amazing experience.

Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 camp was held this week at Swan Valley Adventure Camp. A great experience for all our students highlighted by the joy and excitement of our students. Thanks again to our staff for their commitment and support of our students.

Mother’s Day

I hope that many will have the opportunity to spend time with their mothers this Sunday. I remind myself every day about the amazing impact my own mum has had on my life – the unconditional love, care and support which has sustained me to this day.

We are so blessed to be part of a Marian family which emphasises where our founder, St Marcellin Champagnat, asks of us to draw nearer to Mary and her example. Her strength, resilience and love inspires us today to do the same.

Wishing all families, a happy Mother’s Day.