Newman News Term 1 Week 2: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Year 7 Orientation 

On Wednesday 1 February, our Year 7 students had their first full day on Marcellin Campus. They were aptly supported by their PCG teachers and the Year 11 Peer Support Mentors. They practised their locks and learnt how to read their timetables and started to become familiar with how to use ICT in a secondary school context. There have been a few Year 7s who have found it challenging to navigate the Marcellin Campus but their confidence in asking for assistance has enabled them to thrive. Teacher reports on this day and over the last few days have been glowing about our Year 7 cohort: well-mannered, supportive and grateful.  
Mr Scott Smith (Leader of Wellbeing Year 7) had this to report: “The 2023 Year 7 cohort needs to be commended on the absolutely outstanding start to the year had by them. They have been so enthusiastic and polite and have really followed the theme of embrace for the year. The students have really started to gel as a family and look out for each other with little things like guiding each other to classes and helping each other find lost items. 

The feedback I have had from staff has also been phenomenal! Staff have echoed my sentiments saying how well mannered and willing to give everything a go this cohort are. Each student should be extremely proud of themselves for how well they have started the year. I have said it multiple times to staff at the college but this is the best start to a year I have seen by a cohort. 

I am extremely proud of how the year has started and am excited to see how well the rest of the year goes.”  

Class of 2023 Leaver’s Jackets

There was much excitement in the John Henry Newman Learning Hub as the Class of 2023 received and unboxed their leaver’s jackets this week. Despite the warm temperatures, many of them were seen wearing their jackets for most of the day. Thank you to the Year 12 students who were part of the design process and thank you to the Uniform Shop staff for their support in sizing and ordering these jackets. A special thank you to Miss Gemma Beekink (Leader of Wellbeing Year 12) for her efforts and coordination in overseeing this process. Our Class of 2023 are able to wear their leaver’s jackets on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Homework Club 2023 

Homework Club is running on the ground floor of the John Henry Newman Learning Hub Monday – Thursday (3:15 – 5:00pm). All secondary students are welcome, however they must come prepared to work hard and adhere to the behaviour expectations outlined in the Homework Club Code of Conduct. There are a range of teachers and past students who offer support at Homework Club. The Term One Roster will be published on the Newman College website by the end of Week 2. It’s been lovely to see some familiar faces from last year and I look forward to meeting new students over the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please email the Homework Club supervisor, Mrs Roeterdink directly –

Missed Assessments

Please note the change of venue.  Commencing immediately missed assessments will be supervised in JHN 2.10 / 2.11.

Wellbeing Program 

Every Wednesday, our Year 7-12 students participate in extended Pastoral Care time. The activities that are completed during this time support the holistic wellbeing of the students on Marcellin Campus. These activities may include: guest speakers, guild activities, cohort-based activities or conversations in line with our Keeping Safe: Protective Behaviours Curriculum. The link below outlines what our Year 7-12 students will be participating in this term. If you have any concerns, please contact the relevant Leader of Wellbeing.  

Click HERE 

Parent Representatives (Years 7-12) 

We invite expressions of interest for any parents/guardians to become the year-level Parent Representatives in 2023. This role involves: encouraging parent involvement/attendance at College events, responding to questions on the Facebook page and monitoring appropriate use.

Please email by Friday 17 February if you are interested in being the parent representative for your child’s year level in 2023.

College Weights Room 

One way in which we can support our own wellbeing is to be physically active. From Week 4, the College Weights room will be opening on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 7.30am-8.15am. All students in Year 9-12 are invited to use the facility. Students who wish to use this venue will need to complete an induction in Week 4 and get a parent/guardian permission form signed to gain access. 

HPE staff will be supervising each session and Kate Thayer, the new Sports Admin Assistant will be available to write programs and offer training advice. 

2023 School Based Immunisation Program – online consent 

Throughout the 2023 school year the SBIP will provide the following immunisations.  Consent must be given using the VaccinateWA online platform. This is a new process for 2023.  Please use the link to register your child and confirm consent.  Paper forms should no longer be used. 

•   Year 7:   HPV (human papilloma virus) dTpa (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) 
Immunisation Days: Mon 1 and Tue 2 May 

•   Year 10: Meningococcal ACWY vaccine 
Immunisation Day: Tue 6 June 

For detailed instructions on how to register your child, including information relating to the relevant disease transmission and symptoms, please visit the School-based immunisation program 

Year 9 Information Evening

Our Year 9 Information Evening is scheduled for Monday 20 February commencing at 6.00pm sharp and concluding at 7.30pm.  Please click HERE to access full details of this event.

Year 8 Information Evening

Our Year 8 Information Evening is scheduled for Monday 20 February commencing at 6.00pm sharp and concluding at 7.30pm.  Please click HERE to access full details of this event. 

FAME JR Musical – Years 9-12 

I am excited to announce audition dates for this year’s Year 9-12 production of the Musical, FAME JR. The Newman College Arts team are looking forward to welcoming our students to auditions on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 February 2023, further information about the audition process can be found HERE 

Dance Troupe

The Newman College Dance Troupe performs at numerous competitions and festivals throughout the year. The troupes learn and perform many different genres such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop and tap. Auditions for the 2023 Dance Troupe will take place on Friday 17th February from 7:15 – 8:30am in the Marist Auditorium. If successful, students will rehearse every Thursday morning before school. Students may wear whatever they feel comfortable to dance in and registrations will be taken in the morning. Any questions may be directed to Mrs Stephanie-Kate La Brooy (

Music Ensembles

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students of Newman College,

Please see the list below for the Music Ensembles offered this term from Year’s 3 – 12. The ensembles highlighted in yellow are only offered to students in our Special Instrumental Program, who are beginner instrumentalists.

If you would like any other information on the available ensemble, do not hesitate to contact me, Selena Barrett – Music Coordinator K-12.

P: 08 9204 9488