Newman News Term 1 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Primary

We live in an increasingly digital society, and children are being exposed to social media at increasingly younger ages. This week we had some Lavalla students undertaking a TikTok challenge that had been shared amongst their peers via Snapchat outside of school hours. The age requirement for both of these apps is 13 years and above, yet we are continuing to see children exposed to content via these apps that is not age-appropriate and that they are not mature enough to understand and process.

I regularly utilise the website Commonsense media for impartial reviews on the appropriateness of digital and screen medias for children. It is a fantastic site that provides detailed and relevant information to enable informed decision making. Commonsense Media recommend that TikTok is only appropriate for children 15 years and over, and Snapchat for children 16 years and over. Whilst as a parent myself I understand the pressures of a persistent child who wants to access these applications, it is our role to understand that by allowing access to these applications, children are exposed to a large range of inappropriate media.

This year, the College will move towards a model of iPad management where we have greater control over the applications that can be downloaded onto devices. The roll-out of this management will commence in Term 2 and further information will be provided to parents as we begin this process. In the meantime, I strongly encourage parents to discuss responsible use of digital medias and discuss your rules and boundaries with your child regularly. This will be supported by our in-school programs on cybersafety and responsible use of digital technology.

Key Dates – 2022

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Marian Assembly 

Thank you to 2 Red students and Mrs McAuliffe for the wonderful assembly item that they prepared for our first Marian Assembly of 2022. A big congratulations to all our Merit Award winners also, who have all achieved wonderful things in a variety of different areas.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to gather as a whole campus for our assembly but we encourage you to watch it here.

Swimming Carnival  

Students in Years 3 to 6 competed in the Newman College Swimming Carnival today. Despite a required change to our usual format, due to COVID restrictions, we were pleased to still be able to run a fun-filled event that allowed children to participate across a range of different races.

A big thank you to Mrs Tash Richards, Lavalla Physical Education Teacher for her work in preparing students and organising the Carnival.

The students had a fabulous day and we saw some future-Olympians slicing through the water!

Easter Raffle Fundraiser – Project Compassion 

In our efforts to raise funds for Caritas’ Project Compassion appeal this Lent, the Primary school will once again be conducting our annual Easter Raffle Fundraiser. This fundraiser relies on the generous donation of Easter eggs, by our Newman College families. The donated eggs are then assembled into hampers as prizes for the raffle.

In our efforts as a Catholic school community to address social injustices, we ask families to consider purchasing “slavery free” brand of chocolate.

Slavery Free Labels  

We would also greatly appreciate the donation of any baskets or appropriate containers that can be used in assembling the prizes. Donations of eggs and baskets can be handed in at the Marian or Lavalla Administration office.

Separate raffle draws will be conducted at both the Lavalla and Marian campuses on Friday 8 April 2022.
Tickets will be distributed to students on Monday 21 March and additional tickets will be available from the office on both campuses. Tickets will be 50c each or 6 for $2.50.

If there are any parents who are able to assist in assembling and wrapping the prize baskets, please let me know.