Newman News Term 1 Week 6: From the Principal

Advocacy for Social Justice
Project Compassion Caritas Fast Project Compassion

We challenge our students during Lent to participate and contribute to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion. Caritas Australia is the International Aid and Development Agency of the Catholic Church. Its work includes delivery of long-term development programs working with the poorest of the poor around the world.

Our students PK-12 have been involved in raising awareness and fundraising across each campus. Our Year 2 Green class led a beautiful reflection and prayer that raised the importance of water projects in developing countries. The children were incredible in their animation, empathy and solidarity, particularly on the impact of water projects in communities. Both Marian and Lavalla Campuses participated in ‘Walking for Water’ (in solidarity for those in need) and Lavalla campus also conducted a cake stall. This same empathy was reflected at the Year 12 Assembly that focused on the same justice and human rights issue. The indicators in 2020 are stark; 1 in 7 people still go hungry every day and 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water.

It is important that our students, regardless of age, consider and reflect on the notion of supporting and being of service to others. Building empathy, compassion and understanding is critical in their development as people as it is in providing a salient reason why faith and love underpin the Christian narrative.

As a fundraising and awareness-raising event, the College student leaders organised a Caritas Fast on the Marcellin Campus. Over 200 students fasted to promote the work of Caritas and to raise money for Project Compassion. Again, I was in awe of the commitment, agency and advocacy of our students and staff.

This Lent I urge all families to get to know more about the work of Caritas and support them through Project Compassion. Click here to learn more.

Year 12 Mentor Program

The Year 12 theme for 2020 is #2020vision. At the core of this theme is how they will complete their final year through participation and leadership to the significant rite of passage events highlighted by their forthcoming ball. Integral to their final year is the Year 12 Mentor Program. Students have been assigned a teacher and or leader to meet with them regularly to work and provide support in their learning and wellbeing.

This week I met with the eight students who I will mentor throughout the year. Each student is really excited by what is ahead of them though anxious about the unknown. There are many support structures to assist students throughout the months ahead. Our Homework Club, for example, has been a great space for students and teachers to come together to learn and seek help. Course and subject counselling have also been critical to ensure students are on the right learning pathway.

The simple actions are often the most effective for success:

  • take time to reflect and set goals
  • give 100% in every class
  • ask questions
  • seek help always
  • be present to each other
  • have a positive attitude
  • and enjoy the journey.

Marist Life Formation

Mark O’ Farrell from Marist Life Formation visited Newman College last week.
Marist Life Formation