Newman News Term 2 Week 6: From the Vice Principal

Another busy fortnight for our Newman community across the arts, examinations, reporting, excursions and teaching and learning. We celebrated Reconciliation Week during Week 6. The theme calls all Australians to reflect on real ways in which we can be a voice for reconciliation in our everyday lives. We are now well into the term, staff and students are tracking well as we move into the latter weeks of Term 2.  

On 31 May was the Marian feast day of the Visitation. It is an important occasion in the life of Marists, who began their vocation honouring Mary as the Little Brothers of Mary. The feast of the Visitation is based on the story of Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth, as told in the Gospel of Luke. Mary and Elizabeth were both pregnant at the time, unbeknownst to each other. Mary with Jesus and Elizabeth with John the Baptist. When Elizabeth greeted Mary, she recognised the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb when her own infant leapt for joy in utero. Mary found herself visiting her cousin after being led by the promptings of the Holy Spirit. To find her older cousin Elizabeth pregnant, and for Elizabeth to automatically recognise the presence in Mary’s womb, confirmed for her the truth of her prompting from the Holy Spirit.  

I had the privilege to visit Ein Kerem in the southwest of Jerusalem, the Place of the Visitation, while on the Marist Pilgrimage. The artwork at the site, and dedications to Mary and the story of the Visitation, were powerful reminders of the central place of Mary in our faith as Marists; particularly Mary as an example of saying yes to Jesus by listening to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit and therefore truth in our lives. 

Updates to the Newman College Newsletter Format  

Newman College recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of our communication platforms. As part of this assessment, we formed focus groups consisting of parents and staff members to evaluate different communication aspects and identify areas for improvement. One such platform identified for enhancement was the Newman College newsletter.  

By leveraging the insights that we gained during the analysis, we were able to ascertain the most pertinent information for parents, as well as the content best suited for sharing through our social media channels. Consequently, the Newman College newsletter will undergo modifications in its format and presentation.  

In the new format, our Principal, Mr Andrew Watson, will offer a video summary of events and achievements that have transpired in the two weeks since the previous newsletter. Moreover, we shall continue to provide crucial operational dates and information regarding your child’s events, while our Vice Principal will share essential details for families across the various areas of the College.  

We believe that this revamped newsletter will better serve the needs of our families by delivering more focused and relevant information.  

Your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us, so please do not hesitate to reach out to our communications team at should you have any concerns or input. 

Zero to Hero – Parent Series

Next Wednesday 7 June @ 6.30pm, the College will be hosting the second of our Zero2Hero Parent Information Events in the Marist Auditorium. This is an event that the College encourages all parents or guardians to attend. The topic for the presentation is mental illness and your child, with two outstanding leading experts to discuss the challenges your children face, and how parents can respond. Brad Williams from Behaviour Tonics will speak to self-regulation and the overwhelming emotions associated with adolescence. Amy Coombe specialises in eating disorders and mental health struggles and wellbeing promotion. I will join our guest speakers in an audience Q&A after their presentations. This evening will provide parents with an understanding of the processes in place at Newman College to assist students as they navigate through their childhood and adolescent years. 
This Zero2Hero Parent Information Event is suitable for parents of students across the College; however, we strongly encourage all families in Y7-12 cohorts to attend. 
Please click HERE to purchase your tickets now. Newman College parents receive 50% off the ticket price when they enter the code ‘healthy’ 

Lion King JR

The African savannah comes to life on the Marist Auditorium stage with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle… and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale. 

With four amazing shows spanning from 15 to 17 June, you get in quickly and secure your tickets and seats! 

Purchase your tickets here   

PK-12 Art Competition

We are excited to announce that Newman College will be holding an Art competition in celebration of the Marist theme for 2023 – Created and Called: A revolution of love and kindness. We invite all students to participate and showcase their artistic skills by submitting a piece of art that is related to or reflects this theme. Students are welcome to submit a short statement accompanying their artwork if this helps to explain the meaning of their piece in relation to this theme.   

The competition will be divided into three categories:   

  • PK-Year 2  
  • Years 3-6  
  • Years 7-12  

There will be several prizes awarded – Art & Stationery Gift Packs for the Primary categories, and Jacksons Drawing Supplies Gift Vouchers for the Years 7-12 category. The winning artworks and honourable mentions will be entered into the Angelico Exhibition of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, as well showcased at the PK-12 Arts Festival in Term 4.   

The artworks can be created using any medium of choice, including painting, oil pastels, drawing, or sculpture.   

The submission deadline for the competition is the end of Term 3, which is Friday 22 September. We urge all students to submit their entries by this date to be considered for the judging process.  

To submit your artwork, please have you or your child bring it to your child’s relevant office administration, where it will be safely stored until the judging process is completed.  

We encourage all students to unleash their creativity and imagination to create a unique and meaningful artwork that reflects the theme Created and Called: A revolution of love and kindness. We look forward to seeing creative and inspiring artworks and wish all participants the best of luck in the competition.  

Uniform Review and Alignment Committee

Sincere thanks to those parents and staff who completed the Uniform Review and Alignment Committee expression of interest form.  Details regarding this committee will be distributed via email early next week.

The Importance of Student Attendance

Schools are required to monitor attendance and intervene to support improved attendance for students at educational risk. Likewise, all parents are required to make their best efforts to ensure their children attend school.  We ask all families to read the below document to understand how the College records daily attendance – Student Attendance

Timely Reminder Regarding Cases of Head Lice

The College has been made aware of a number of cases of head lice within our student community. Head lice infection is a problem due to it being so highly contagious.  

Parents/carers are primarily responsible for detecting and treating head lice but the College also has a role in the management of head lice outbreaks by providing information and support for parents and students.  

To eradicate both lice and their eggs (nits), products are available from pharmacies without prescription.  Head lice are only pin-head size and very difficult to see.  We seek your cooperation in the examination and possible treatment of your child’s hair. 

Students identified with head lice should not return to school until after treatment has commenced. 

Please note that constant checking of hair is necessary because eggs may not be evident until two days after the infestation. 

A Head lice fact sheet is available at 

Traffic Warden – Tuscany Way (Marcellin Campus)

The College has been advised by the Children’s Crossing Unit, that they are unable to provide us with a Traffic Warden for the crossing on Tuscany Way for the remainder of Term 2.  We ask you share this information with your child/children.  Students and families are asked to take extra care when using this crossing.  


The College would like to ask our families to check their child’s uniform items to ensure they have their own pieces and not those of other students.  Named items not belonging to you can be returned to the applicable administration office and we will return them to the appropriate family.  We currently have a lot of unnamed items in our lost property and therefore remind you to make sure all items are named clearly with your child’s name.