Newman News Term 2 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal Wellbeing Secondary

Cross Country Cross Country Cross Country Cross Country

On the Marcellin Campus, we have had a very busy few weeks with many events taking place across the College. Last week we ran the Years 9 and 10 Cross Country and it was pleasing to see so many students out on the course and taking part. Click here to see more photos and age champions across Years 7-10. While students were being healthy and involved, their participation also gained them points for their Guild which goes towards the Champagnat Shield. Running parallel to the Cross Country was the Arts Challenge. During PCG, students have been grouped together to sing the different parts of the Sub Tuum. Early next Term we will put together a compilation video that will be shared with students, staff and parents to celebrate our Marist tradition.

In Week 8, we ran our first Principal’s Assembly via a remote format. What was especially pleasing about this assembly was the number of students who received an award, including our Champagnat Award recipients. This is the final assembly for Term 2 and was a fantastic way to recognise success from Semester 1.

I would like to thank all staff and students for their efforts this Term and parents for their ongoing support during this trying time.

Student Photos

A reminder school photos are taking place in Week 10.

Students in Years 7-12 should now have received their school photo order envelope. Students must bring their photo order envelope on their designated photo day (whether purchasing photos or not) as the camera links to the bar code on the order envelope.

The instructions to students / parents are printed on the envelope and are self explanatory. Parents will notice that they have a wide choice of photo packs available to purchase.

While specific details will come out during Week 9, please note that students must be in their full winter uniform for their photo day. Can you please ensure students are in keeping with our Uniform Policy, particularly in regard to items such as hair length, piercings & facial hair.

If students have PE scheduled on their photo day, they will need to attend in their winter uniform as an alternative lesson will be in place for PE (it will not be a practical lesson).

Year 11 Leadership Program 2020

To ensure the College provides the best opportunity for our Year 11 students to display and develop their Leadership capabilities, all Year 11 students are invited to participate in the College’s Leadership Preparation Program. This program will be officially launched in Week 10 with all Year 11 students attending a leadership skill building day. Alpha Motivation will run a series of team building and leadership activities with the cohort. Students are then invited to express their interest in the Leadership Program which will provide them with the opportunity to apply for a Student Leadership position commencing late Term 3 and moving into 2021.

The program will consist of four meetings followed by an application process which includes a written application, student & staff vote, shortlisting and an interview. The program is designed to allow students to understand the requirements of being a leader at Newman College.

The nomination process will begin mid Term 3 with the College Captains and Portfolio Captains being presented at the Year 12 final assembly on Thursday 26 September. Guild Captains will be announced in early Term 4.

We encourage all Year 11 students to get involved in this wonderful opportunity to build their leadership skills and be a voice for their cohort!

Year 10 Pathways & Careers Workshops – Student Reflections

“The pathways workshop allowed our cohort to learn about possible pathways for the future. Personally, I found it quite an enlightening experience, giving me a good view of what each pathway would hold. As a future ATAR student, the highlight of this workshop for me was Mr Bochrinis’ presentation which described ATAR in a new and interesting way which allowed me to see my best course of action for the future. Working with the Year 12’s at this workshop also allowed me to gain perspective into the workload each pathway carried and how this will effect our future.” Max Hobson

“The Year 10 cohort participated in a careers afternoon which helped us gain a deeper understanding of the subject selection process and what pathways we would like to take to get us where we would like to be after school. We learned many things including; the real meaning of ATAR, and what other pathways we could take over the next couple of years eg. participating in the VET program, Onsite, a Certificate II, III or IV and the Curtin Uni Ready pathway. One of my favourite workshops was the careers test to see what jobs best suit you based on your personality traits. My highlight was working with the Year 12’s and listening to all the different pathways they took. They were in our shoes only two years ago and know how we might be feeling. They answered all our questions and were happy to speak with us and help. I also really enjoyed Mr Bochrinis’ PowerPoint which gave us an insight into ATAR and thoroughly explained what the word ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) stands for and explained how you are ranked. Overall, I think this day was really successful and I am confident in what pathway I have chosen to take.” Elliana Celisano

Student Uniform

A priority for the College is to maximise learning time and physical activity in Physical Education and Outdoor Education classes. We have worked closely with staff and students to design a policy to support this priority by effectively managing student time, use of the change rooms and encouraging good personal hygiene.

From the commencement of Semester 2, there will be a revised policy and expectations regarding the wearing of the College sports uniform as outlined below:

  • Students with PE classes during periods 1 or 2 are permitted to come to school in their full sports uniform. Students will change into their College uniform at the conclusion of class.
  • Students with PE classes during periods 3 or 4 are expected to change during recess. They will change back into their College uniform at the conclusion of class.
  • Students with PE classes during periods 5 or 6 are expected to change during the second half of lunch. Students will be permitted to exit the College in their sport uniform at the end of the day.

In addition to these changes, students taking part in NAS who have an away game may get changed at lunch and wear their sport uniform during periods 5 and 6.

While the sport uniform may be worn in an emergency, it is essential that students have a signed note from home with a valid reason. Some examples of reasons that are not valid include, but are not limited to:

  • Left part of uniform at a friends/mum’s/dad’s house.
  • Blazer is at the dry cleaners.
  • Uniform is in the wash.
  • Forgot to bring the College uniform to school, when there was training/activities before school.
  • Forgot/cannot find shoes or stockings.

We do believe this is a good compromise that limits the amount of time students need to change per day, increases their practical time in PE lessons while also encouraging easier access to after school sports. Students will be supported with instructions from their Pastoral Care Teacher on how to manage their belongings, lockers and changing during break times.

Please note that this change will be closely monitored over the first few weeks to gauge how it is working for all parties. If students have any concerns, I encourage them to speak with their PCG teacher and/or their Leader of Wellbeing.

From the Counselling and Wellbeing Team

The Headspace webinar previously arranged for extended PCG in Week 9 is unfortunately no longer going ahead. Leaders of Wellbeing will be organising alternate activities for their PCG classes and information regarding this will be communicated to students next week. It is hoped that Headspace will be able to present to students in-person at a later date.