Newman News Term 2 Week 8: From the Leader of Early Childhood

One of the great joys of being a teacher is seeing those ‘light bulb’ moments, when students successfully grasp a new concept, overcome a challenge or achieve a difficult skill. Teachers are constantly thinking of new, exciting and innovative ways to engage students and allow them to let their light shine. Speak to any teacher and they will tell you stories of students that have struggled relentlessly in a particular subject but who show a huge talent and dedication to another learning area. Our College’s vision for learning speaks to this; we strive to provide a range of activities so that all students can capitalise on their gifts and talents and for them to Shine through Discovery. Whether our students shine in literacy, numeracy, sports, music, dance or science – the range of learning experiences aims to cater to all of these talents and allows us to celebrate each child’s individual potential.

This Term, our Year 2 students have undertaken a learning project titled “All kids can be Scientists” which integrated the learning areas of Science, Mathematics, English and Health and Year 1 students undertook an integrated project based on Earth and Space. The Year 2 students were encouraged to come up with their own experiments, which they mixed in our IDEAs Lab. Celebrating their successes in creating science experiments and watching their joy and excitement is what our school’s pedagogical pillars (Celebrate, Create, Collaborate and Challenge) are striving to achieve. Year 1 students were surveyed as to what they were most interested in and this led the learning around this topic. We continue to strive and reflect on the ways that we can best offer child-centred learning experiences that integrate student agency.

Champagnat Week

This week the College has been very active in celebrating Champagnat Week. Marcellin Champagnat was a man who saw a need not just for the education of young people in his community, but also to love them. Click here to read a full overview from Simon​ Martino, Leader of Mission and Catholic Identity.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following students who received a Marcellin Award in Weeks 7 and 8.

  • Jesse Hadfield, Year 2: For being an enthusiastic and dedicated learner who always works hard and is always helpful to teachers and classmates. Jesse is a responsible class member who we can rely upon to offer assistance. Jesse represents so many of St Marcellin’s characteristics.
  • Pippa Key, Year 1: For always displaying the Marist characteristic of “Love of Work”. Pippa always gives 100% to everything that she undertakes at school. She is a great role model for her peers.

The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly.

Thank You

Thank you to Ms Jordan Day-Perkins who completes her final teaching practice in Year 1 Blue on Monday. Ms Day has been a fantastic addition to the Year 1 Blue classroom and the Marian Campus over the past five weeks. Her enthusiasm and dedication to teaching excellence is bound to stand her in very good stead for her future teaching career.