Newman News Term 3 Week 10: From the Leader of Primary

As we draw to the close of another term, I have been left reflecting on just how much has happened in our school over the past ten weeks. We have had carnivals, excursions, buddy days, concerts…it’s no wonder it feels like time is passing so quickly! As we enter this holiday period, I find myself reflecting on all things with a tremendous sense of gratitude. It was not that long ago that we were unable to do any of these things, a situation many students and families have been enduring in the Eastern States for most of this year. We are tremendously fortunate to be able to gather, come to school, see our friends, and enjoy all the extra-curricular opportunities available to us. I hope students and families can find time in their break to pause and reflect on this and be grateful for everything they have been able to enjoy this year. My wish is for all our College families is to enjoy a safe and relaxing break – to spend time with each other building connections and memories. We look forward to welcoming all students back on the first day next term.

Highlights from Past Two Weeks

6 Red Assembly 

This week we were treated to a great assembly item from 6 Red who shared with us the important message of the rights of children. They shared with us many of the important rights of young people including the right to an education, shelter, to be loved, and access to medical assistance when sick or injured. It was a good reminder to all of our students that although we take many of the rights of children for granted in our own lives, there are many children around the world for whom these rights are a challenge. We also acknowledged several students with merit awards, medals, and certificates for all of their hard work and efforts across this term. Keep up the great work boys and girls!

Athletics Age Champions & Runners-up 

We recognised our Age Champions and Runner-ups from our Athletics Carnival at Assembly today. Students were awarded their medals today and should be very proud of their efforts. The full list of champions and runners-up are below:

  • YEAR 3 Boys 
    1st Lewis Macgregor
    2nd David Van Der Walt
    Equal 3rd William Burton
    Equal 3rd Louie Falcinella
  • YEAR 3 Girls 
    1st Amelie Santoro
    2nd Evie Bryant
    3rd Shylah Davey
  • YEAR 4 Boys 
    1st Jordy Vladich
    2nd Otis Keane
    3rd Caleb McCluskey
  • YEAR 4 Girls 
    1st Jessica Avins
    2nd Isla Kalebic
    3rd Lola Vogl
  • YEAR 5 Boys 
    1st Dylan Hookway
    2nd Deion Fernando
    3rd Hamish Macgregor
  • YEAR 5 Girls 
    1st Kaydee Van Deventer
    Equal 2nd Lola Angus
    Equal 2nd Livia Bogdanov
    3rd Annabelle Adamini
  • YEAR 6 Boys 
    1st Michael Malaxos
    2nd Jaspar Martin-Booth
    3rd Fletcher Bell
  • YEAR 6 Girls
    1st Clancy Boss
    2nd Bailey Trovarello
    3rd Chloe Rear

We also had several records broken on the day, which is a fantastic effort and something for our students to be very proud of. The following records were broken:

  • YEAR 3 
    Amelie Santoro – Hurdles with a time of 11.79s.
    Amelie Santoro – 200m with a time of 35.59s.
    Lewis Macgregor – Turbo Jav with a throw of 19.55m.
  • YEAR 4 
    Jessica Avins – Turbo Jav record with a throw of 17.46m.
  • YEAR 5
    Livia Bogdanov -Turbo Jav record with a throw of 16.45m.
  • YEAR 6 
    Clancy Boss – High Jump record with a jump of 1.42m.
    Bailey Trovarello – Interschool IPSHA carnival Long Jump with a jump of 4.17m.


Marcellin Award 

This week our Marcellin Award was presented to Lara Lucano in Year 3. Although Lara is one of the youngest students on our campus, she has not let this stop her from leading the way for her peers and setting a fine example for others. Lara was nominated by her teacher Mrs Gray who describes her as an incredibly positive person with a huge heart that is full of love, kindness and gratitude. Lara is so generous with these attributes that she makes a positive difference in the lives of her classmates everyday. Lara sees the good in everyone and is always there to help others in need. Well done Lara on setting such a fine example for others!

This week we also presented another very special Marcellin Award. In a beautiful gesture, some of our Year 6 students nominated Mrs Richards for a Marcellin Award! Mrs Richards was nominated for organising our first K-6 carnival alongside Mrs Vlahov, and for all the effort she placed into the huge number of pre-carnival events. Students in Year 6 could see the lengths she was going to, to create a wonderful experience for all students, and how her love of work and family spirit shines through in everything she does. We are very grateful to have you on our team Mrs Richards!

K-6 Primary Disco 

It was great to see so many students and families at last week’s K-6 disco! Students really seemed to enjoy the evening, and it was great to see everyone taking part so positively. I would like to thank DJ Rosie for the great tunes, and the staff who supported our event, especially Mrs Pastorelli and our Year 11 and Year 12 student leaders who were so keen to support and help out our younger students. I am sure we will be back again next year!

Catholic Performing Arts Festival 

The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges has now come to a close for 2021. The festival provides students with specific ‘performance platforms’ where they have the unique opportunity to give their very best and perform to a public audience. Our campus was well represented in the performance categories that encompassed; choral, drama, musical, instrumental, vocal and dance aspects of the performing arts. Congratulations must go to all students who performed in the festival. Several students were even awarded certificates recognising outstanding, excellent, and meritorious performances in the festival.

  • Certificates of Merit 
    Antonia Capolingua – violin solo
    Brayden Lim – violin solo
    Grace Taylor – piano solo
    Hamish Macgregor – piano solo
    Lavalla campus choir
  • Certificate of Excellence 
    Hamish Macgregor and Lewis Macgregor – piano duet
    Harrison Leahy – cello solo
    Benji Thompson – cello solo
    Skertzando Strings and the Newman Junior Dance Troupe
  • Certificate for Outstanding Performance 
    Joshua Woods – violin solo
    Nya Casotti – violin solo
    Vivarchay String Ensemble and the Newman String Quartet

Well done again to all our student who took part in this year’s festival.

IPSHA Interschool Athletics Carnival 

After a false start last week thanks to some inclement weather, approximately 45 students took part in the IPSHA Interschool Athletics Carnival on Monday which was hosted by All Saints College in Bullcreek. Students enjoyed a great day and did our College proud both in their performances and in their sportsmanship. There is not one single ‘winning’ school on the day as the carnival focus is participation and having fun.  We are however pleased to say a number of students did very well in their individual events. A big thanks goes to Mrs Richards, Lenny, Mrs Horn, and Mrs Fitzpatrick for their support and encouragement of students on the day.

Speak Up Award Finals 

Last Friday evening, while most students were enjoying our K-6 Disco, one of our students was still hard at work proudly representing our College. Isabella Crisona from 6 Blue was taking part in the finals of the Speak Up Awards – a competition that runs across schools from all over the state where students are invited to perform a 4-minute speech designed to inform, persuade, or entertain. Out of the thousands of students that took part in the competition this year, Isabella made is through three rounds of judging to make it to the final sixteen students. Her speech, “I have a dream”, was all about the struggle for human rights and was delivered with great emotion and passion. We are very proud of Isabella and the wonderful way she has represented our school community.

The Great Bookswap 

Last Friday morning, under the guidance and direction of Mrs Alison Le Dan, students were welcomed into the library to take part in The Great Bookswap. This event involved students and families donating pre-loved, and sometimes even new books, which students were able to purchase for a gold coin. As a primary school we were able to raise $800 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation whose vision is to lift literacy levels in remote indigenous communities so that all children across Australia have the same choices and opportunities. We are very grateful for the support of Mrs Le Dan and her team in coordinating this event, and to the many parents and families who brought in donations.

Year 5 Zoo Excursion 

Last Friday, our Year 5 students and parent helpers visited the Perth Zoo as part of their Science Adpations program. Students had the chance to learn about behavioural and structural adaptations of several animals, even having the chance to get up close with a turtle and the skin of lion. Students listened to a presentation from one of the zookeepers, and took part in a scavenger hunt where they had to locate information about the adaptations of animals. Students also had the chance to freely explore the zoo and collect information on animals that they used in their report writing back in class. A big thank you to the Year 5 teachers for all their hard work in organising the day out for their students, and to all the parent helpers who were able to support on the day.

Year 3 Scitech Excursion 

On Wednesday this week, students from Year 3 had the pleasure of visiting Scitech as part of their Science and Digital Technologies units they have been studying. Students took part in ‘Top Secret License to Spy’, a hands-on adventure that had students using their skills to solve puzzles and crack codes in order to discover who had committed a most terrible crime! Students were also left in awe as they visited the planetarium, exploring the infinite wonders of our solar system, and seeing what life on our moon might be like. I think it is safe to say that all students had a great day out, and we are very grateful to the team at Scitech and to all of our parent helpers for joining us.

Bill Gordon Bush Poet

Last Wednesday, Year 3 students gathered excitedly in the Lavalla Library to listen to Bill Gordon from the Australian Bush Poetry Association. This was a very special event for one of our Year 3’s, Kate Gordon, as Bill is Kate’s Granddad.
The following recount is written by Kate (3G) about her experience.

It all started on the 15th, of September 2021 when we all walked to the Library. Some of us curious, some of us excited. As we continued to walk, a man came into sight, he was wearing an Akubra hat with many badges that looked like Australian images. I looked closer. It was my grandfather, Bill!

Mrs Gray introduced him to everyone and he said, “I am Kate’s grandad but you can call me Bill.” Everyone laughed. Soon after explaining a few things, he started telling poems such as: Mr Whippy Van, The Man from Snowy River and many more! After this we brainstormed the start of a poem together. We all worked collaboratively and this is what we came up with.

I have a little puppy, 
Lockie is his name. 
He really is quite naughty, 
But we love him all the same. 
Lockie loves to tear up shoes, 
And does really stinky poohs! 

Mrs Gray gave us a challenge to continue the poem and see what we come up with. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. After we did the activity, I got up and said, ‘Thank you to Grampy’ (That’s what I call him!) Plus, I gave him a box of chocolates from Year 3.

A huge thank you to Bill for coming to Newman College and inspiring us to be amazing poets!

Farewell Miss Kuppens 

This week, students in 6 Blue said goodbye to Miss Lauren Kuppens who has been completing her final pre-service teaching practicum under the guidance of Mrs Horn. In her short time at our College, Miss Kuppens has built some wonderful relationships with her students, and has delivered many engaging and meaningful learning experiences. It has been our pleasure to have her as part of our staff this term, and we wish her all the best with her future endeavours. I’m sure the 6 Blue class will miss her very much!

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

Class Allocations 2022 

In Term 4, teachers will begin looking at class groupings for 2022. Many factors are considered when selecting class placements for students and each child’s best interests are the main priority when these decisions are made. Class placements are made in consultation with all year level teachers and significant time and consideration is given to this task. Class placement is made with due consideration of gender, pastoral needs, social and emotional needs, special learning needs, and relationships.

If you believe that your child has needs that require consideration, please arrange a meeting to discuss this with their classroom teacher early in Term 4 or contact me via email at Parents should be aware that requesting a certain teacher is not a consideration in the class allocation process.

Class allocations will be shared with families towards the end of term 4.  I thank you for your understanding and support.

Important Dates

Next term we will publish some of the important dates to watch out for in Term 4 as there are a number of important events taking part across the College. A few of the important dates for the first two weeks though are:

  • Mon Oct 11 – Year 7 2022 Orientation Day
  • Mon Oct 11 – Pupil Free Day (except year 7 2022)
  • Tues Oct 12 – First day of Term 4
  • Fri Oct 15 – Saint John Henry Newman Feast Day (buddy day)
  • Tues Oct 19 – Vocal Showcase (6.30pm)
  • Thurs Oct 21 – Dental Screening
  • Fri Oct 22- Year 5 Leadership workshop
  • Fri Oct 22 – 3 Blue Assembly

Parents are reminded to check the College Calendar in advance for events specific to your child’s campus and year level.