Newman News Term 3 Week 10: From the Leader of Wellbeing Early Childhood

The word education is derived from the Latin ‘educere’ = e- (out of) + –ducere (to draw). This perfectly summarises how we seek to educate the young child through the utilisation of children’s agency in the learning process. Well-known educational theorist, Jean Piaget famously stated how children are not empty vessels ready to be filled with knowledge but are actively involved in acquiring new skills and knowledge through their interactions in social, cultural and educational settings.

As Term 3 comes to an end, we can look back and reflect on the many celebrations of children’s gifts and talents and the knowledge, skills and contributions that they bring to our learning environments. Whether a child’s gift lies in the domain of Mathematics, Reading, Sport, Music, Art or Dance, each of these gifts plays an important role in the life of our College. We are constantly striving to provide opportunities to utilise and celebrate each child’s gifts and talents.

Pre Primary – Year 2 Athletics Carnival

One example of our student’s opportunity to shine and celebrate their gifts and talents is through our annual Pre Primary – Year 2 Athletics Carnival which took place yesterday on the Lavalla Oval. Click here to read more and see more photos from the day.

Term 4 Swimming Lessons

All students in Years 1 – 6 will take part in the College’s in-school Swimming Lessons Program in Term 4. Click here for further information and to register your child online.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following student who has received a Marcellin Award in Weeks 9 and 10:

  • Vivienne Porter, Year 1 Blue: For looking after the environment by cleaning up the undercover area without being asked.
  • Finán Smith, Year 1 Green: For showing kindness and helping a friend who was hurt.

The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly.