Newman News Term 3 Week 8 : From the Principal

Newman Parents ‘Under Your Influence’ – Jade Lewis 

On Monday night Jade Lewis was a guest speaker at Newman Parents.  Her story is one of significant redemption and inspiration.  At 15 years of age, she had the world at her feet as an aspiring Olympic athlete, only to be destroyed by drug addiction.  Her road to recovery was not easy and the impact on both Jade and her family was significant.  Her life today, however, is one that is committed to bringing to light the challenges young people face in the choices that they make in their lives.  The proliferation of drugs and alcohol, as example, is a societal problem that we have to navigate as parents.  As the primary educator we need to be actively present to our children not only in what we say but what we model.  A key aspect of Jade’s story was the role that parents play in walking with their children.  We should never be afraid to seek help, to ask the expert or the health provider who can assist when situations arise that affect our children’s health and wellbeing.

To that end, the role of the school is significant as a support mechanism for families.  At Newman College we continually educate and provide opportunities through our wellbeing program for students to discuss, evaluate and reflect on risk behavours.  The consequences of that fleeting decision that a young person can make could change the rest of their lives.  It is incumbent upon us to have clear expectations and guidelines that support the health and wellbeing of our young people.  We have a responsibility to intervene, to ask questions and seek help as necessary.  What we also can do is continually encourage our students to dream about their future and the things that they want for themselves.  God has a great plan for you and that plan is to prosper (Jeremiah 29); this is the hope that we have for all our children.  Jade may not have reached her dream to be an Olympic athlete but her next dream was to educate young people by telling them her story.

Newman Parents 2022 

Our vision for 2022 is for more families both in our school and those from the wider community to attend Newman Parents events.  In 2021 we had some outstanding speakers who deserved to speak to a larger audience.  On Monday night we had 50 parents and friends who attended Jade Lewis’ wonderful presentation.  The general feeling on the night was that more people needed to hear her story.   As we determine the schedule for Newman Parents for 2022, we will release details earlier in the new year with better communication to the community, and opportunity to register attendance.

Industry Breakfast 

On Wednesday 8 September, we had our annual Industry Breakfast.  This event provides an opportunity for College industry partners, sponsors, staff and Year 12 students to come together allowing our students to connect, ask questions and learn about the journey our guests have had in industry.  Forging a career and making a difference in the world starts in the conversation, the invitation to participate in a field that has purpose and meaning.

We very much appreciated those who took time out of their busy schedule to be present to our young people who I am sure were very grateful for their time and words of wisdom.
As Year 12 concludes over the next 2 weeks it is our hope that they are ready for the next stage in their journey. I hope the industry breakfast has given them perhaps an inspiration, if not further reflection of what is possible.

Newman College Council 

On Thursday evening the Newman College Council met to discuss a number of broader planning issues, one of those being the 2022 Budget.  Once the College Budget is endorsed by Council it is submitted to Marist Schools Australia for final approval.  In early Term 4 we will communicate our school fees for 2022.

Multicultural Week 

Newman College takes the opportunity to celebrate and recognise the diverse cultures of our world annually.  So many events have taken place across the campuses over the past two weeks to acknowledge Multicultural Week.  Aside from the wonderful dancing and the music, the food, in particular the gelato at the Lavalla Campus, was most enjoyable.  Our sincere thanks to all teachers involved for their initiative, creativity and inspiration.

College Captains 2022, Presentations 

Today, the Senior Leadership Team had the pleasure of listening to a number of prospective College Captain speeches.  All students spoke with passion, inspiration and conviction.  No matter which two students are finally selected for the College Captain positions, all Year 11 students who have been involved in the leadership program are to be congratulated for the commitment and value they have brought to the process.  We will be announcing these leaders at the Year 12 Graduation Assembly in Week 10


Mr John Finneran