Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Transition Workshops 

Our 2023 Year 7 students have had their final workshop supported  by our Yr10 Peer Mentors. Mr Scott Smith Leader of Wellbeing Year 7 2023 and PCG teachers 2023, met with students and took them through what to expect in the life of a Newman College student. Congratulations to all students who attended as they showed a great Marist Spirit and energy in the way they engage with staff and students. 

Marble Bar Primary School Visit

The students of Marble Bar Primary School visited Newman College as part of their STEM Camp in Perth. 

Marble Bar introduced Virtual Reality technology to our Year 9 Design Thinking students through their multi award-winning Marble Bar Virtual Worlds gallery, whilst we showed the Marble Bar students the features of the John Henry Newman Learning Hub. 

After the sharing of ideas, students from both schools collaborated in some STEM experiments that were about sound, which was expertly run by Miss McKnight. 

Today’s events mark the beginning of a strong partnership with our Pilbara friends, and we look forward to collaborating with them more in the future. 

Year 9 Italian Class 

The year 9 Italian class had an excursion to Fremantle this week. 
They visited the welcome walls out the front of the Maritime Museum, the fisherman’s Warf and the cappuccino strip and learnt about how Italian immigration has influenced Western Australia. 
They enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch at the Italian Club of bread, cheese and cold meats for entrée, pasta for the main and gelato for dessert. 

Year 10 Edge Barista Training 

Earlier this week, the Year 10 Edge class attended a barista training course at local café Diamattina. During the course, the students learned the basics of coffee service, as well as taking orders and familiarisation with the many varieties of coffee that people may order in a café. In the future, the students will also be doing work experience at the Newman College Learning Hub café, as well as at Auditorium events. 

Year 7 science 

All students across Year 7 science partook in a Solar Car Competition. Students were given 4 weeks to build a car from a kit provided and could change the wheel size, gear size, front or rear wheel drive, and solar panel angle to make their car the fastest. 
They then tested out their created Solar Cars in a 20-metre race to see which was the fastest car over the finish line. 
This year the winners go to science 7.4 with the team formed up of Angus, Beau, Sunny and Kyan. This team will now go on to represent Newman College in the interschool state final next year hosted by Synergy. Congratulations, and good work! 

SHINE World Scholar’s Cup 

Over two days in October, three teams from Newman College competed at the Perth round of the World Scholar’s Cup. The World Scholar’s Cup encourages a wide range of academic endeavors that invites collaboration and critical thinking in a wide range of disciplines.  

The competition involves four distinct challenges. The Scholar’s Bowl is where students solve analytical questions and multimedia challenges. Collaborative writing involves students responding to a range of writing prompts and collaborate on their individual pieces. Students also engage in a team debate, and a Scholar’s Challenge.  

The themes for 2022 were: 

  • To Edit a Planet (Science and Technology) 
  • Mistakes and Recoveries 
  • Out with the Old (Social Studies) 
  • The History of Succession (History) 
  • Second Chances, Second Glances (Art & Music) 
  • Reboots, Sequels and Reconsiderations (Literature and Media) 

There were so many outstanding achievements of our three teams this year, too many to include in this short report. The following teams should be commended not only for their outstanding achievements but their collaborative and creative spirit on the two challenging days. All teams have been invited to participate in the global rounds of the competition.  

Junior Team One: Arlo Gaunt, Anabel Raguseo and Lachlan Moir-Scott 

  • A silver medal for their team challenge (ranking ninth overall). 
  • Anabel Raguseo performed exceptionally well in writing. 
  • Lachlan Moir-Scott achieved gold medals in the following areas: Literature, Social Studies, Art and History.  
  • Arlo Gaunt achieved three silver medals and one gold medal for Literature, Art, History and Science.  

Junior Team Two: Hannah Woolfrey, Alyssa Petracca, and Micaela Buddle 

  • Micaela Buddle was awarded a gold medal for debating and the team bowl, and a silver medal for Social Studies. 
  • Hannah Woolfrey was awarded fifth place for writing, and two silver medals and one gold medal for History and Social Studies. 
  • The team overall placed fourth in writing and placed tenth overall.  
  • Hannah, Alyssa, and Micaela’s team also qualified for the global round.  

Senior Team: Ethan Wynne and Charlotte Laurent 

  • Ethan was awarded two silver medals in Science and Social Studies. 
  • Ethan and Charlotte’s team also qualified for the global round.  

Awards Assembly 

Thursday 24 November Years 7 – 11 students will gather in the Sports Complex for our Annual Awards celebration. This event will provide the opportunity for students to be recognised for their sporting, academic and cultural contributions. Parents of award winners will be invited to attend this significant event. The event will be recorded and shared on the College YouTube channel. 

Year 10 River Cruise 

On Wednesday 23 November students are invited to celebrate the annual River Cruise. This event is arrange as a way for students to come together and celebrate their year as a Marist community. Information has been sent by Mrs Sarah Ellam Leader of Wellbeing Year 10. We look forward to sharing photos of the successful event next newsletter.