Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Leader of Wellbeing Year 9


NAIDOC Week is about celebrating the diversity, history and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Marcellin students celebrated NAIDOC Week by engaging in two PCG activities and a PCG Kahoot Quiz. Our first activity looked at what NAIDOC Week is all about and shared an Aboriginal Creation story, focusing on the language and spiritual connection to land.  Our second activity focused on the 2020 NAIDOC theme ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ and the Indigenous knowledge of land and management of land to create a bountiful country.

Years 7-9 Guild Team Building

Years 7-9 students engaged in Guild Team Building activities during Wednesday’s Extended PCG. In this PCG session, we worked on building a sense of Guild Spirit and setting the scene for Solve It, Newman College’s Problem Based Learning task, which will take place in Week 9.

Year 7 Music Collective

On Wednesday 18 November, the Year 7 Music Collective showcased the talents of our Year 7 musicians, including those in the Special Instrumental Program (SIP) and the Year 7 Choir. The evening presented the SIP Band as well as selected solos and groups including the Year 7 Rock band.

Vocal Showcase

Sunset Vibes, the 2020 Vocal Showcase was held on Sunday 8 November in the Marist Auditorium. It was an enjoyable evening of performances from students in Years 7-11, covering different genres of music performed by choirs, soloists and the glee club.

Congratulations to all performers and thank you to Music staff and parents for their support.

Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

Student Reflections

“Year 10 Outdoor Ed embarked on their camp from Wednesday 11 November – Friday 14 November.

Once arriving in Collie, the three classes separated and embarked on their camping experience. My group started with a 16km hike carrying our bags on our backs. Along the journey it was obvious we were becoming closer with one another after engaging in conversations and supporting one another to get through the tough times of the hike. Upon our arrival at the designated campsites, tents were set up and the dinner preparation began. After dinner we debriefed giving us time to reflect on the day’s learnings.

Thursday was a bright and early start which introduced abseiling and rafting. All classes thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. Abseiling and rafting both took place either near the Collie Dam or on the Collie River. The students learnt to gain trust by supporting each other by taking control of each other’s abseiling ropes and being supportive and understanding of the importance of teamwork in rafting. At the conclusion of the activities, classes had a short hike to their next camp, where tents and their dinner preparations took place.

On the last night, we found ourselves enjoying the evening and reflecting on the amazing time we had with one another. Friday morning was another early rise, packing up camp and preparing for the last stretch of hiking which was between 12-16 km. With constant motivation and teamwork, all students appreciated the spectacular views and engaging in conversations with people they wouldn’t usually talk to.

Overall, every student walked away from the camp with a sense of pride and achievement knowing what they can achieve when they put their mind to it, whilst appreciating the support of others. All class members connected with one another and gained trust which made the camp experience unforgettable.

Many thanks to all the teachers involved in organising the camp and the teachers that came to support us.  All this made the Outdoor ED camp of 2020 simply an experience we would never forget!” – Isabella O’Rourke, Year 10 Student

“Early last Wednesday, the Year 10 Outdoor Ed students left Newman for their camp at Wellington Dam. We walked 32 kilometres over two days carrying all of our own food and supplies. We also spent one day abseiling and rafting.

The walks were through the beautiful bush land of the South West and were a challenge to some, but brought the three classes together. Abseiling was down a quarry right next to Wellington Dam, again this pushed the boundaries for many. We leant how to bottom belay and do our own ropes to go down the wall. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 rafting was a little different this year. We only went through a short portion of the river, but were allowed to splash and push each other in, even getting the teachers in the water. We then had to stack all the rafts on top of each other which ensured we had to work as a team and show leadership.

It was perfect timing as it gave all of us a break from the real world and our studies before exams. As a whole, this camp was a great learning experience of how to work and lead with others, building persistence, resilience and determination. We thank all the teachers and staff who gave up time to give us this amazing experience.” – Olivia Dixon, Year 10 Student

Year 7 2021 Transition Workshop #2

Incoming Year 7 students had their second transition workshop on Tuesday 17 November. This workshop gave the students the opportunity to get to know their PCG teacher and those within their PCG. Year 9 mentors assisted with the experience, leading icebreakers and activities where students focused on things they have in common and appreciating the diversity within their Guilds.