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Newman Parents – A Night with Dr Justin Coulson


Monday, 25 March 2019



Marist Auditorium

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia’s most respected relationships speakers, authors, and researchers. He is one of very few people in Australia with a PhD in Positive Psychology – and the ONLY person in the country (and almost the world) whose PhD includes a careful look at the intersection of Positive Psychology and relationships, particularly in family life.

Dr Coulson will present his seminar on bullying and positive parenting.

Newman Parents is a forum for partnership, communication and information between the school and home at adult only events. This forum recognises that parents are not merely observers of the educative process in which their children are engaged but are active participants in collaboration with the College. The content of the evenings includes communication of key College initiatives and topics that are relevant to the learning and development of students at the College.