Years 7-12 Guild Cross Country Carnival

The Years 7-12 Guild Cross Country Carnival is a compulsory event for all students. When students are not running, they will be attending class as normal. The timetable below indicates when each year group will be running during the day.

Period 1 – Year 12
Period 2 – Year 11
Period 3 – Year 10
Period 4 – Year 9
Period 5 – Year 8
Period 6 – Year 7

The following information will help the students in preparing for the day:

  1. Students are to wear their Guild uniform on the day
  2. Students will need to bring a hat for the period (they are not expected to run in the hat, but prior to and after the event they will)
  3. Sun cream will be provided for the students
  4. Students can bring their own water bottle for before and after the event

Spectators  are welcome!

Steven Gregory, Leader of Health and Physical Education