Term 4 Week 6: From the Principal

Family Spirit

This Marist characteristic inspires the principle of ‘collaborate’ as with a pedagogy of presence and family spirit, united in Christ’s love, we can build a community with a spirit of friendliness and collaboration, enabling young people to become responsible for their own formation. (Newman College Vision for Learning).

Developing relationships is at the heart of our Marist narrative. Being present to each other imbues a sense of family and underpins the strength of our community. The strength of this College is in the multiple opportunities students have to engage with each other in and outside the classroom. Central to our Vision for Learning – Shine through Discovery – Let Your Light Shine (Mat 5:16), is for our students and teachers to collaborate. Education and learning are interactive, social processes. We believe that students learn best in an environment where they can interact and experience the curriculum, gaining knowledge and learning how to live. A recent Ohio University article, Why relationships — not money — are the key to improving schools, posits that sustained interactions over time, focused on children’s learning and effective teaching practice, is the best way for people to build trust and build networks that are at the heart of social capital. Put simply, if we build relationships our learning experience at school will improve.

The same can be said for our teachers. Over the last three years we have aligned our professional learning of staff PK-12 to ensure collaboration across units, faculties and schools. This was exemplified by our recent Gratitude Project. The intent of this Project across the College is aimed at building student resilience through gratitude. The collaboration of units in the Primary School and Pastoral Care Groups in the Secondary School lifted our focus of the uniqueness of each individual student, recognising and affirming their diversity and individuality. The definitive impact on our school is improved relationships representative of our Marist family spirit.


Remembrance Day 2018

Last weekend we recognised 100 years since the end of the World War 1. Br John Horgan, Community Leader of the Marist Brothers, prepared a presentation to staff outlining the contribution made to the war effort by the Marist Brothers. It was both a moving and reflective experience understanding the impact war had not only on the families here in Australia but specifically on the Marist Brothers in Western Europe. Please take time to read this brief history Marist Brothers World War I