Year 10 Camp

The Year 10 students had a wonderful first week back of Term 4 by completing a week of camping during their Adventure camp. The aim of the program was to heighten awareness and respect for self and others as well as promote increased self-esteem and foster independence whilst increasing group cohesion.

Students were challenged to a 5-day expedition either following a program in the Boronup Forest or the Blackwood river region. The activities included Hiking, Caving, Abseiling, Rock-climbing, Canoeing and high ropes courses. These areas of expedition are the true wilderness meaning students got to experience phenomenal natural places and beautiful wildlife in South Western Australia.

I hope the students all learnt from this experience and I’m sure many lifetime memories were made. I’m looking forward to the program again next year!

Student Reflections

“The part of camp that I enjoyed most was the fact that we were able to bond with others in our PCG. I really enjoyed learning a range of important life skills and having to work with my friends to do that. My highlight was the beach walk as we were away from everything else and got to really enjoy nature.” – Olivia Kojundzich

“I loved that on camp we were challenged and had to work as one to get everything done. We had to work together to get everything organised for dinner and then everyone had different roles to make sure the dinner was cooked. Because we were all faced with the same challenges, it really helped us to develop a bond and work together. My highlight was the beach walk because we got to enjoy it all together.” – Sarena Kriletich