Year 10 RAC bstreetsmart Excursion

Last week the Year 10 students were provided the opportunity to attend a full day excursion offered by Rotary WA Driver Education which was sponsored by the RAC, the Road Safety Commission and the WA Police. The key strategy behind the program was to educate teenagers about the skills and knowledge needed before gaining their drivers licence.
The road safety program targets adolescent school students who are about to become young drivers as they are highly vulnerable and over represented in fatal and serious crash statistics. The day comprised of six sessions and students rotated through each of them.

Student Reflection

A session that stood out for me was presented by Danny, a survivor of a major road accident that left him a paraplegic. Danny was involved in an accident as a young driver and was left with devastating physical disabilities. Listening to his account was a sobering experience for me and my peers as many of us are about to enter the world of driving.
Some of us in Year 10 have already acquired our L-plates and have started the journey to become a licensed driver. This program has challenged the way we think about road safety and has compelled us to question some of the decisions that we make as novice drivers.

Jacques Pienaar, Year 10 Student