Year 11 Outdoor Education Camp

On Sunday 24 March, the Year 11 Outdoor Education class had an early morning start to their Semester 1 expedition. On Day 1 we visited the Calgardup Cave and solution pipe where we vertical descend into an extensive, dark cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites. We then visited Giants Cave where we all laid down, 80 meters underground, in pitch black, and had 10 minutes of silence to reflect on our day. Day 2 was a very early start driving to our second abseil of the camp, Brides Cave which was a 35 meter tall cliff with a 20 meter free fall. This cave tested our skills as we had to use correct technique in order to descend safely. At 11.30am we headed back to our campsite to pack up our things and go on a 10km hike. This hike was mostly flat with a few hills and the reward at the end was arriving at our brand new campsite, Jarrahdene Campground. Here we were challenged with our ropes assessment and cooked an early dinner as once again we had an early start the next day. On Day 3 we enjoyed our final abseil of the camp at Willyabrup. The amazing view stunned us all as we abseiled down a 50 meter cliff face. We definitely saved the best abseil for last as it made us all grateful for the challenges we were able to experience.

Grace Zlnay, Year 11 student