Year 12 ATAR Music recital

The Year 12 ATAR Music recital was held in the Marist Auditorium Studio 2 on Tuesday 4 September. The program featured performances by Mark Wilson (flute), Beth Redwood (voice), Edric Liang (violin), James Sharpe (bassoon), Jessica Gugliotta (voice), Amy Stegena (bass guitar), and Tommi Flamenco (bass guitar). The students entertained family and friends with repertoire from a variety of Classical, Contemporary and Jazz styles for their Semester 2 practical exam.

Congratulations to all students on successful performances and thank you to accompanists Lori Greco, Kathy Stanton, Frank Munoz and Norberto Flamenco, and instrumental teachers Heidi Lake, Lynda Luce, Rebecca McGregor, Kate, Pass, Rennae van der Laan and Shaun Liddel-Jennings for guiding their students on their music journey this year. Thank you also to family and friends for your attendance and ongoing support. Best wishes to the Year 12 Music students on their upcoming exams.

Margaret Goldsmith, Coordinator of Music