Year 6 Parliament House Excursion

The Year 6 students continued their leadership focus as they visited Parliament House last week. They learnt about how governments are formed, our electoral process and could compare their leadership qualities against politicians of the past.

Student Reflection

On Tuesday 14 May, the Year 6 classes went on an excursion to Parliament House. We participated in three activities. Firstly, we went to The Constitution Centre where we learnt about the levels of government, the leaders of Parliament and how the Queen is represented by a Governor General. We then visited the Electoral Centre where we learnt how to vote and enjoyed an activity where we voted for our favourite type of candy. Skittles won because they are the best! We also visited Parliament House where we were taken on a tour and learnt about the history of the building. We were very fortunate to see question time which is where the opposition asks the government questions about how they are running the country.

By the end of the day, we had learnt lots of new facts about Parliament House and how our country is run. It was a great excursion.

Ella Scott and Lara Esler, Year 6 Green students